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End of the day

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I heard the front door open, and as soon as I saw her eyes I knew it had been a frustrating day that she just needed to forget. One advantage of a long term relationship is knowing her so deeply, understanding her needs so well that she did not need to say how she felt.

Without saying a word I walked to the living room toy drawer and pulled out a thick leather collar. Extending my arm toward her and dangling the collar from my forefinger I looked deep into her soulful brown eyes. Without a word she nodded, and looked down.

After closing the door I stood behind her and slid the collar around her neck. As I buckled it in place I could feel the tension draining from her body, relaxing into me and giving me control. Her clothes gently dropped to the floor as I removed them from her body one at a time until only the crotchless latex capri pants I made her wear underneath remained.

Clipping a chain leash onto the collar I led her to the bedroom and told her to stand next to the bed. From the nightstand drawer I pulled out wrist and ankle cuffs. First I told her to hold out her left arm and I strapped the soft leather firmly around her wrist. Next I cuffed her right wrist and told her to sit on the bed, then lay back with her feet in the air. I fastened the ankle cuffs in place and made her slide to the center of the bed, legs spread wide. Our bed is solid oak that I hewed and cut myself, with rigging points all around and pulleys at each corner. I snapped the clip for one rope onto her ankle cuff and pulled the rope taut. Fastening the other rope to her other ankle I tensioned both ropes, tying them off at a point in the center of the footboard. I removed my clothes except for my latex shorts.

"Touch yourself." I told her.

Her right hand slid down her body and began to gently massage her pussy as I positioned the ropes attached to the headboard next to her. With one hand I pinched her nipple slightly, and she began to rub herself intently. I shifted from a simple pinch to use the nails of my thumb and forefinger to create real pain, as she began to moan.

Releasing her nipple I moved between her spread legs and lowered myself over her, her rapidly vibrating hand slightly touching my latex covered crotch. Her head lifted to kiss my bare chest, and I could hear her deeply inhale my scent until she shivered with a light orgasm.

Letting her catch her breath for a moment I pulled her arms up and snapped the clips of the headboard ropes onto her cuffs. Pulling the ropes taught even as I lay on top of her, she could barely move as I slid down her body until my face was over her pussy. Teasing her with a few licks and bites her body began to gently strain against her tight bonds, anticipating what was to come.

She let out a little scream as my tongue found her clit. Now she was utterly under my power and I inhaled deeply the scent of the latex she wore for me as I tasted her moist pussy. My tongue played her like a flute, her moans and gasps and screams a passionate concerto as she thrashed in her bonds until her back arched in an orgasm that made her whole body tremble for several minutes.

I turned on the slave monitor so I could hear her from the kitchen and left her spread on the bed while I went to make dinner. She would probably sleep until I came back to feed her. I savored the way she gave herself to me so completely as I planned the next phase of our passion. It would take all evening and she would give herself to me time and again, submitting to my needs. Giving herself to me so deeply would make her completely forget her difficult day.

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