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What will you beg for?

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What will you beg for? A simple question, 

but I didn't have an answer. My brain froze

even as my body stood to attention.  Quivered.

Hoped for a moment that I'd know what to say, 

that I'd understand  - finally - what it needed.

What it craved. I beg for you to make the choice. 

To decide what I need, what I want. What i get. 

To take the decision away from me and then

make me stand it. Make me endure, suffer, 

revel. Until my thoughts go quiet and my body

takes to the stand and says yes. Finally. 

Let me beg you. Let me beg you to stop, 

not stop. Have mercy, and ignore my cries. Test me, tease me, torment me. Break down

my walls until I'm nothing but feeling. Until

I'm free of the thoughts and worries and fears

and insecurities that bind me like chains. 

Let me be free to beg you, that's what

I beg for. 
Sounds like you need to express to your partner, your limits are open. Let’s find them.

Fabulous writing as always Lady Char

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