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Testing testing... Is this thing on? Catherine's story: part 2

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Joel chuckled a little bit when he saw this petite brunette girl walking out with a bag that looked like it weighed about 5 pounds. What in the world could this little woman think she needed that was that heavy. That's when he saw the excitement she had in her eyes as she opened her car door and bent over just enough to give him a wonderful view of her pussy. It wasn't shaved. He was shocked. When was the last time he saw a woman around his own age that enjoyed her natural state. The view of it made his cock jump. He saw her open up her bag and greedily grab out her purchase. His jaw dropped. She looked so excited to sit on a dick that was way too big for her. He could tell she was used to what she was about to do but never with something as sizable as what she had just purchased and she didn't even think to check her surroundings. At the thought of this he unzipped his pants as they were starting to hurt and allowed his large cock to spring loose. She then opened the lube and applied it liberally to the cock. Holy shit this little slut was going to fuck herself right here in the parking lot. He loved how bold she was. He started stroking himself unconsciously as he watched her hand moving quickly up and down her new cock. Then her hand dipped under her skirt and applied a liberal amount of lube to her already glistening pussy. She stuck the cock right to her seat and attempted to sit on it. He could see the excitement and the pain in her eyes. It was too much for him. He felt like a pervert but he just couldn't stop.

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