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The Night Visit

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The last of the guests had given up for the night and headed off to their beds. He had taken care of business, adjusting the guest's bills on the computer to include their evening bar bill, collecting their glasses and setting the dishwasher going, wiping the wet rings from their tables. Now the rest of the night was his. He settled in a comfortable leather upholstered chair, coffee in his hands, and selected the late movie on the huge wall-mounted television set opposite.


Something caught his eye. He looked down to the bar entrance and there she was! Fuck it! Another guest after a late night drink, but this one was different! He hadn't seen her before, she must have arrived during the day shift, but she was dressed like a 20's flapper! He wasn't aware of any fancy dress parties but he guessed she must have found one.


She moved towards him through the bar, lithe figure swaying provocatively, like a cat. "Hello Madam, how can I help you?" No reply, she merely smiled at him as she moved to the side of his chair. He put his coffee down and tried to stand but she restrained him with a hand on his shoulder. Looking down into his eyes, she slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders letting the dress fall until her breasts were exposed. She was beautiful. Her red hair made up in 20's style framing her face. Green eyes, elegant nose over full red lips. Her breasts firm and proud with pink nipples set in small aureole.


His eyes followed her hands down to her sides. She inched the dress upwards slowly revealing her long legs encased in black stockings. He could almost feel his eyes bulging as the white flesh of her thighs came into view above her stocking tops followed by a mass of red pubic hair set above protruding labia that glistened expectantly with her wetness even in the dim light of the bar. Silently she moved backwards until her thighs touched the top of a large round table and she lay back on the tabletop, legs spread wide, exposing her slit to him.


Rising from his chair he moved between her thighs, unfastening his trousers, pushing his clothes down around his knees, his throbbing erection springing free of it's restraints. He guided the tip of his cock to her eager lips and slipped it easily into her eager cunt. He fucked her slowly, savouring the feeling of each tiny movement as his prick slid in and out of her. She reached down pulling his shirt up, pinching his nipples hard, nails digging into his flesh to spur him on. Gradually he moved faster, drove into her harder, deeper, building their excitement. As he felt his balls tighten he also felt her cunt gripping his cock and with a few hard thrusts their orgasms erupted simultaneously.


Supporting his weight on his hands he closed his eyes while his quaking subsided. When he opened them again she was gone! He looked down at an empty tabletop, his softening cock dripping the last few drops of his cum onto its shiny surface. Bewildered, thoughts rushed through his mind. Had the encounter been a dream? The security cameras! Dressing hurriedly he went swiftly to reception. Working the recorder he rewound the bar's security tape and hit replay. There he was, rising from his chair, moving to the table, slipping his trousers down, naked arse moving back and forth, naked cock stabbing - thin air! He felt the hairs on the back of his neck spring up as he watched his shirt move up his torso - as if by itself!

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