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Catherine's story: part 5

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God how he wanted to take her home and put her little mouth to work on him, he ached to own her, to command her body. He could tell she was just what he needed. She had an attitude and a sexual appetite that might just match his own. “Please come to my place. I need to see you riding that cock and this one.” 


She cocked her head to the side, judging the situation. His car was immaculate. She almost felt bad about this mess that she would be leaving on the seat. He was dressed in a nice collared button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up just enough to show some muscle in his forearm and told her he worked out. His jeans were dark and snug. His cock was still pushed out through the zipper and though not at all the size of her newest toy was pretty impressive compared to the shit dicks she has had in the past. “Fine, but I am driving myself.” 


“That's acceptable.” Like he gave a shit how she got there as long as she came. He was going to fuck that pussy and her mouth all night long until she lost her fucking attitude. No sooner had he said ok then she hopped out of his car and sauntered back to her car. Her hips swayed just enough to give him a taste of her ass hanging out her tiny little skirt and it made him hard again. What the fuck he thought as he looked at his cock. “Are you fucking kidding me” he said to his dick, He hadnt been this easily turned on since he was a ***ager looking for any wet hole to stick his dick into. She honked her horn and he chuckled. God he couldn’t wait to taste that sweet ass of hers. 


What the fuck was she doing? She didn't know this man, and didn't even ask his name. She tried to think if she even cared and at the moment the answer was no. She was horny and he was hot. He couldn’t be worse at sex then her last boyfriend. That fucktard couldn't even make her wet. She had never experienced an orgasm during sex and honestly didnt think her body could. That was until she felt it in her car while this stranger was watching her. She decided she didn't care what his name was or who he was, she was going to let him use her cunt like she prayed he would know how to. She longed for hot, rough sex. The kind you only see in porn. She knew very few guys were actually capable of fucking like that but she prayed she had just stumbled upon one of them. 


As he drove home he kept checking in his rearview mirror to make sure she didn't lose her nerve. He needed her as much as she probably needed him. The look of her glistening pussy would forever be burned into his memory. She had a look about her that told him she had needs that had never been met and he couldn't wait to find out each and every one of them. In time he knew that he would control her every act. She would never be fucking a dildo in a parking lot without his permission again. As he pulled into his garage he waited for her to follow. She parked on the street and it pissed him off. Why didn't she just follow him as he had told her to do. He briskly walked over to her car and took the keys out of her hands. He tried to get himself into her driver's seat and she laughed at him. There was no chance of him fitting in that spot. As he adjusted her seat quickly she looked at him with an astonished look. 


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