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The hunt


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My gaze held his, screaming for him to

end the chase, begging him to slam me

against the wall, part my legs, and

make me cry his his name. This man was brutality mixed with

virility. He was darkened desires

that left no inch untouched when he

consumed you. The more hostile He got, the hotter I

burned with a need for him to take me. I

didn't understand it, nor did I even care

to look deeper at what we were.

He knew that I arched my spine for him

when he got too close. His eyes told me he'd enjoy breaking

me, and mine said to bring it, daring

him to dance with me. It was need; a need so raw and

undiluted that I smiled, unable to stop it

from spreading across my lips as my

eyes fluttered closed while I drank his

scent deep into my lungs. I loved his smell, the dark spices mixed

with male, driven by that deadly hint of

darkening desire that caused my body

to clench with anticipation anytime I

caught a whiff. The moment I did, he'd have me pinned

against the wall, with that glorious c*ck

of his buried in my heat. I'd be screaming his name like a prayer

I couldn't say enough times until we

became nothing more than beasts in

human clothing. I was the sickness; he was the cure. When I finally catch you, that look

burning in your eyes will become a

fire that will leave us both in ashes, His smile was predatory, as if he

remembered the same night, the exact

f*cking moment as we stared at one

another. You're lust, and I'm carnage. You're

a beauty, but that hides that

vicarious bitch that's itching for you

to release her. You and me? We're kindred spirits

that come together and shed our

f*cking skin and go to war against

one another. Just now, you imagined me pinning

you against a wall, driving into you

until the only name you know is

mine. He pushed me down onto the bed

without warning, crushing me against it

with the weight of his lengthy frame. He easily secured my hands above my

head, dropping his mouth to the valley

between my breasts, peppering me

with frenzied kisses. His knees pushed my legs apart,

uncaring that the simple lace panties

still prevented his entrance. He lifted his smoldering eyes to lock

with mine, smiling wickedly hot, before

clamping his teeth over one n*pple,

sucking it between his teeth. Fucking hell, you melt for me so

perfectly, woman. You're so

responsive to my touch. I asked, arching into his mouth, parting

my legs to feel his steel against my

softness. My hands wrapped around his

thickness, lifting it against his belly,

allowing me to kiss the underside's

sensitive ridge. His lips parted, and he moaned,

watching me lavish his c*ck with

attention. I kissed my way down his shaft, licking

the delicate edge while locked in his

heavily hooded stare. My lips wrapped around his c*ck,

taking him into my mouth. Each moan sent him deeper until finally,

he withdrew Lifting me to the bed, he stared at my

body with a carnal look of ownership,

creating a mass of emotions that slid

straight to my clenching core. His fingers brushed against my

opening, slowly dancing over the

arousal he'd created My body clenched against them

hungrily, hearing his ***ed groan as I

took what I needed from him. I felt his heated gaze on where my body

greedily accepted what he offered.He pushed another finger into my

core, and I slowed my movements,

adjusting to the fullness of it. His other hand moved to my clit slowly

rubbing soft circles against the swollen

nub. I can’t stop my legs from spreading further apart. And I moved faster while he turned his

fingers to go deeper into my c*nt. His thumb and forefinger pinched my clit And my head lifted as a soft cry of

pleasure ripped from my throat. I felt his heated mouth before his

tongue slid against my p*ssy. When he tasted my arousal, the noise

he made was almost enough to send

me sailing through the heavens. He lifted my legs as he settled

behind me, savaging my c*nt without

mercy as he devoured me. His tongue slid from one end to the

other, slowly lapping against my p*ssy. I was owned by him and he knew it with that smirk he brought his glorious c*ck to my soft wet p*ssy and made me surrender, he won the war and the hunt. And I don’t care this is blissful 

Bend her over to crab her ankles and start plowing her
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