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Logged out again

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Why is it that every so often I'm locked out of the site? 

I'm told that my log in details are incorrect when I have my password saved. I have to keep changing my password everytime. 

It's getting to the point where I think "screw it I'll just leave". 


I'm not sure. I occasionally have the same thing happen to me, but if I just close the window, open fetish in a new one, it will go through with my usual details. 

I'd suggest contacting support, as they can let you know what the problem is and investigate it (it sounds like a big of some kind).  


That's why I try to login often enough so my info is remembered. Idk my password anymore lol

If you mean the site occasionally freezes on you then it seems to be a common problem. Much more on a tablet than on a PC based on my experience to date.

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