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Catherine's story: part 6

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What was he doing driving her car? He could have just told her to move it if he didnt like it. This man was controlling and needed someone to control. She stepped back and let him drive. He pulled her car into the garage next to his as she walked behind it. As soon as she stepped into the garage the door started to close and it made her instantly aware of what she was doing. She was terrified. How would she get back out? Her car was now locked inside his garage and she didn't know if she liked it. As he got out of her car he was carrying her bag that had the recently used dildo and huge container of lube in it. The heat in his eyes made her catch her breath. Holy fuck this man was arrogant and hot. She instantly became wet again. He sat the bag on the trunk of her car suddenly making her feel empty and needy. He told her to put her hands on the trunk and she didn't understand why but instantly complied. That's when he walked up behind her and put his fingers directly into her aching wet pussy. He was finger fucking her before they even made it into the house and it was the best finger fucking she had ever felt. He inserted another finger and another until she was sure her pussy was filled. He was ramming his arm hard as she moaned and pushed onto his fingers. “God you're a greedy little whore aren't you” at this her breath stopped. She had never been called a whore before and she liked it. She didn't know why she liked it so much when it could be an insult but the way he said it made it seem like a compliment. “I am going to add lube to my hand so I can get the rest of my fingers in, do you understand that i will be fisting you until you cum?” She didn't know exactly what this ment but using her imagination she could not imagine herself able to cum with a fist in her pussy but damn it she was going to try. 


Joel couldn't believe his impatience. He didn't even walk her into his home before he needed his hands inside her, his cock was bulging and impatient as it pressed into the zipper of his jeans. He had to take her in every way possible but not here in his garage. Here he would make her cum on his hand and enjoy the pulsing of her tight, wet, pussy as she did. The lube was chilly on his heated skin. Allowing him to apply it liberally she whined as he pulled his fingers out to spread it. This woman was driving him wild and that's when it hit him. He didn't even know her name. How in the fuck did she end up with his fingers in her cunt without him properly introducing himself. “Name?” he barked as he added another finger to her cunt. She was up to 4 fingers and was whimpering but still thrusting back into him. He took her by surprise when he spoke and he could tell she didn't understand the questions. Her cheeks flushed when the understanding finally dawned on her. ‘Catherine, you?” She said, “Joel” was his short response before adding his thumb and she doubled down on her thrusting to take the extra girth he had just added. 


Holy fuckity fuck he was pushing more and more into her and she was sure her pussy would rip open. She had never experienced pain like this in her life, but she liked it and that was strange to her. Why was this pain bringing her so close to the most amazing pleasure she had ever experienced. She was sure she wouldn't be able to take any more and that's when she felt him turn his hand over and he started massaging her g-spot with the fingers inside her and her clit with his free hand. Her climax was building and it was going to be even more intense than the one she had on the dildo with him watching. “I am going to cum” she screamed into the garage and heard the echo coming back to her. “Not at this time Catherine, I am in control of your pleasure and I am telling you no” he said. She didn't understand what he meant until she felt him change the pace of his rubbing. She was so close to an orgasm and then he switched it up on her and made her orgasm stop dead in its tracks. What the fuck was he thinking why wouldnt he want to make her cum? He said he was fisting her until she came and now he was denying her the pleasure of her orgasam. Did he enjoy this as much as she did? What was he getting out of his hand inside of her instead of his cock? As he continued to rub and thrust his fingers and hand all over her pussy she felt it rising again. Damn it she wanted it. She wasn't going to tell him that it was building, he couldn't stop what he did not know. She braised herself for the most intense orgasms of her life and her breath changed. “I said no whore” She barely heard him before he had changed his thrusting again. What the fuck kind of bullshit was this. What was his end game if he was not going to allow her the pleasure of her cum. She let out a frustrated sign and actually heard him chuckle. 


He could sense her frustration at being denied her pleasure. It caused him great joy that she was taking it so well. He knew this was new for her. She had never been denied what she wanted and that knowledge made him want to do mean and horrible things to her tight little body. With that thought in mind he covered the rest of his hand in lube and started pushing harder. She was screaming at him to stop but her body was pushing back on him and she was getting slicker. She didn't try to break away from his hand as it slid into the widest part. She doubled down and was thrusting even harder. She was going to cum on his hand and he wanted it all the way inside her so that he could feel her pussy constricting. He gently bent his fingers so that he could continue to massage her G spot and he added more pressure to her aching pussy. He flicked her clit roughly and she came undone with his hand inside her and him holding her up. 


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On 12/19/2022 at 9:11 PM, Cat526 said:


 He flicked her clit roughly and she came undone with his hand inside her and him holding her up. 


Muppet heaven!!!

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