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A exciting beginning

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The light slowly retreats over the hills and colors start to fade away, first the dark blues and greens, slowly the red and eventually even the brightest yellows looses it's power. At the same time, as if they were just sucked upward the sky starts changing. Light misty clouds spread a orange and pink hue across, the blue show all its different shades while other clouds turn dark grey like streaks of smoke. Beneath all of that you halt for a moment before you knock on the door if front of you. The door belongs to a flat on the 5th floor of an older apartment building, you are standing on a balcony stretching the length of the building and acting as a hallway. There are a few bicycles locked to the railing and everything is illuminated by the cold light of some florescent lights above, some music and a few scraps of conversation remind you of all the people living here. The Door opens, not thrown open, but opened steady and controlled. Warm light streams from the widening slit, and as you look up you see a pair of eyes intensely looking at you from a smiling face with some dark creases of shadow. "Come in" he says and after the shortest moment of hesitation you step across the threshold and the door closes behind you. As he helps you take off your coat he asks: "are you ready for this?"...

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