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Locker Shocker: Pt 1


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I'm Mike. You've all probably known someone like me at some point. I'm the loner, the odd one nobody wants to sit next to at school or college. Apart from my studies, all I'm really interested in is gaming, skateboarding, music and smoking, and drinking of course. I'm skinny, have greasy long hair and I'm always dressed in black jeans, sneakers, and T shirt. I'm eigh*** and at college studying computer engineering. I have a few mates that I game with but other than that I don't really talk to anyone. The exception is Tye. I knock for him every morning as he only lives a few doors down and we walk to college together. He doesn't really associate with me at college, but the twenty minute walk in the mornings is like a fix for me. It puts me in a good mood.

I've admired Tye for the last year or so ever since he moved into the street and we got to talking. On very rare occasions he would come and game with me and a few lads at my house. He was about a year older at nine*** or maybe even twenty. He was proper handsome. Beautiful clear skin, and light tawny hair that was wild, yet somehow well groomed at the same time. His beauty was complemented by just the right amount of body definition. Not too muscly or ripped, but rounded and contoured. He did have a well defined stomach though.

My gym class followed his, so he was always showering and dressing, while I was changing. It was purgatory to see him come out of the showers all dripping wet. My mind would invent all sorts of scenarios and play cruel havoc with my feelings. I dreamed of things that I knew would never happen. I had to love him without ever being able to tell him. I had to be so careful what I said to him. I was petrified that people would find out I liked boys, so never let my guard down or tried it on with anyone. That was until one day when a series of events led me to take a fateful decision.

I walked to college as usual with Tye and we were talking about relationships.

"Yeah, it's hard to tell someone how you feel about them if you're frightened of being turned down." Tye said.

"Has that happened to you ?" I asked. "I mean been rejected." qualifying my statement.

"Yeah it has. I really liked a girl back in school and told her, but she blew me off. Oh, I mean, you know, said she wasn't interested."

"Oh right" I replied in sympathy, aware of the "blew" connotation.

"Then there was a girl I met when I first came here. I was so scared of saying something that I left it too late and she got together with some other guy." He explained.

"I know what you mean. I like someone I can't tell."

"You have to pluck up the courage and tell them, even if you get a no. What was it someone said ? Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are, it might have been. Something like that."

Tye looked me square in the eye when he said it and his words resounded in my head. If only he knew. Then It struck me. Was he saying he liked me ? No, of course not. But what if he was ? This might be him telling me to tell him that I really liked him. Before I had a chance to think much more about it we were at the college gates and Tye bounded off to catch up with a group of his mates. All that morning I churned Tye's words around in my mind. It didn't help that it was Friday and I would see him in the changing rooms later in the day. I'd have to suffer the *** of seeing him in all his glory and not be able to touch him.

Inevitably the time for gym came and sure as eggs were eggs, Tye was there just about to shed his kit and take a shower. I took up position opposite him on a bench and started to get changed. my greedy lustful eyes took every opportunity to take snapshots of the stunning specimen of boyhood baring all not four feet away.

"Hey." Tye chirped. "You're doing computer science aren't you ?" He asked.

"Yeah, why ?" I inquired.

"I have a test at the end of next week. Can you help me revise ? I really need to get through it. I have to get a pass, I'd owe you one."

Right at that moment, he turned his back to me, put his foot on the bench to dry his leg, and gave me the most beautiful view of his rear end. His bottom was the epitome of perfection. It should have been fashioned in marble and displayed in the Tate gallery for posterity so that mankind could appreciate it. It was almost as if he was saying help me out and you can have an evening with my perfect posterior. I wrenched myself from my thoughts to respond.

"Err, yeah, if you want."

"Cool, it's probably best if we do it at my house, I'll text you when if that's ok." he said dashing out of the changing rooms.

"But you don't have my number." I shouted after him.

"Stick a note through my locker, number one sixty, I'll grab it later." And he was gone.

In my mind, Tye was sending me all the signs that he was interested in me. Could it be true ? The conversation about relationships and telling someone if you liked them. Saying he'd owe me one and presenting me with his beautiful bum. And wanting me to revise with him at his house. It had to be true. He must be going to tell me he likes me. After gym I only had one more class but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Last thing that afternoon, I scribbled my number on a scrap of paper and went to find his locker.

I was about to post my number through the vent in his locker when I decided to be brave. I unfolded the note and added, "I love you Tye see you soon, Mike" to the bottom, then posted it. My whole body was tingling. I'd know soon enough if he felt the same way. Then it hit me. What if he said no ? What if he said no and outed me ? Fuck I hadn't thought about that. It was too late now. I'd find out soon enough. Whatever he’s answer was, I'd have to live with the consequences.

For the rest of the afternoon, I sat on my bed fidgeting and looking at the clock. It was six thirty pm when my phone announced an incoming text. I hesitated, then scrambled to pick up my phone and read the message. it read:

"Meet me behind the pavilion at eight thirty. I love you too."

I was a bit perplexed by it. Why did he want me to meet him there ? I wracked my brain trying to understand why. Then it occurred to me that he wanted to be, shall I say, intimate with me and we couldn't do that at his house. My heart soared, thinking about kissing those full lips. That china skin neck and all the way down his torso to his bellybutton. I daren't think any further or I would cum in my pants there and then. Fuck, I better get a move on. I wanted to be squeaky clean for him and I only had two hours.

It got dark around eight, but instead of walking through the college grounds, I ducked into the woods and followed a path just inside the treeline where I wouldn't be seen. My hands were trembling and my legs were shaking. My stomach tied itself in knots and I was sweating already. The pavilion was nestled in the trees at the edge of the woods facing the cricket field. As I got closer to it I peered into the darkness to try to make out if he was there. Dry dead branches snapped and crackled as I approached.

"Over here" a hushed voice invited.

Walking forward toward him I whispered back.

"I'm so glad you came Tye"

The shadowed figure grabbed hold of my shirt, twisted it in his grip and slung me against the pavilion wall.

"Aww, looking for your boyfriend ?" He growled mockingly. "I got your little love letter, wrong locker ya dumb fuck."

He bounced me against the wall keeping his grip tight on my shirt. As my eyes got used to the dark I could see a little clearer. The boy in front of me was Judd. He was one of the chavs from the council estate. One of the louder, cockier twats that hung around causing trouble and taking the piss out of just about everyone. Worst of all he was the kingpin of the crew.

He had a sort of permanent scowl on his face, a hard lad and a hard muscled ripped body to match. He pushed me down so that I was sitting on my haunches. He kicked my knees apart and whipped his trackie bottoms and boxer briefs halfway down his thighs. A big fat stiff rod sprang out and pointed directly at me. His foreskin was tight around the end of his knob, just allowing his helmet to peep through and I could see the eye of his monster.

He put the heel of his hand on my forehead and pinned my head to the wall. Took his cock in his other hand and rammed it between my lips. I could smell, and taste his skanky, sweaty unwashed cock. This wasn't how I'd imagined my first experience with a boy. I was scared but the sight, sound, smell and taste of this powerful boy was all consuming.

“You want cock, don’t you queerboy ?” he asserted.

The truth be told, I did want his cock in my mouth. I wanted this dirty scally lad to put his hot throbbing, stiff rod in my gob and use it as a pussy, a fleshlight, a hole to fuck his way to climax. This was a pure raw man taking his pleasure.

“Yes Judd.” I said, although I got the impression he was going to give it to me whether I wanted it or not, he was going to use me to sate his sexual need.

"Yeah ya queer, you want cock ? , fucking take this." He hissed.

He pistoned his meaty ramrod in and out of me, no mercy. I coughed and gagged as he drove his prick to the back of my mouth like a heat seeking missile targeting my throat. His heavy hairy balls swung with his rhythmic thrusts bouncing off my chin, announcing his heavy load trapped inside. Minutes passed. He stopped suddenly and pulled out, pushed his balls in my face and wanked his rod.

"Suck my balls." He demanded.

I lavished his bollocks with licks and kisses. Sucked one at a time in my mouth and danced my tongue around the sweaty orbs. They were too big to get in my mouth at the same time.

"You like that don't you, fucking dirty cunt."

Judd turned around, still wanking, bent over and backed his arse up to my face.

"smell my fucking arse. Lick it, lick my hairy crack." Judd rasped.

His scent was quite intense. It reminded me of my own buttstink. I would often swipe my hand down my crack and sniff it. His was a bit stronger but I was drawn to it. I pulled his cheeks apart and put my nose into the deep crevice. I licked the ripe residue that lingered there. I stuck out my tongue and licked his soft tight ring. It tasted slightly metallic in some way. I wanted more. I wanted to get my tongue up his manhole as far as I could and reach the source of his meaty stink. He reached around with his free hand to push my face tight into his behind.

"Augh, fuck, yeah, keep going, fucking lick my shithole you little cunt."

When Judd turned around again to face me I thought he was so close, he was going to cum in my mouth. Instead, he told me to stand up and turn around.

"Bend over, I'm gonna show you what your queer arse is for."

I steadied myself with both hands against the wall. Judd yanked my jeans down just enough to get access, hawked up and spat a wad of thick phlegm on his hand and smeared it on my virgin puckered ringpiece. He took aim and unceremoniously plunged his fuckstick all the way in. The *** seared through me. I let out a loud yelp..

"Shut the fuck up you cunt. Do that again and I'll rip your fucking head off."

He gave me a hefty clout to the side of my head. His assault on my rear end began in earnest. The *** eased a little with each thrust until . In all my imaginings, I never could have anticipated the things I was feeling now. This boy, this young buck, this alpha male was taking what he wanted. I was an object for him to use as he pleased and the most surprising thing was, I felt gratitude towards him, I wanted it. The more he used me, the more grateful I was. It didn't make sense to me. He fucked me for a good ten minutes. Sometimes slowing down and taking his dick completely out of my arse, then dipping it in again.

When he'd had enough and was ready to cum, he jackhammered my hole. Finally he threw his head back and injected me with his seed. I felt every squirt, every pulse of his eruption. I could feel the heat of his sperm spreading inside me. He bent over my back and kept his cock inside me for several minutes. He was still semi hard when he pulled out. I was both relieved and sorry that it was over. I pulled my jeans up thinking he was finished but he spun me around and pushed me to the ground. I sat there on the ground , back to the wall.

"Oi, I ain't finished with you yet, I got one more present for you. Wouldn't be right if I let ya go without giving you something to remember me by."

He proceeded to urinate on me. This was something I had never imagined in my wildest fantasies. Something that had never crossed my mind. The hot yellow liquid splashed all over me as he directed his stream. It pooled in my lap.

"open you fucking mouth, swallow it." He demanded.

I opened my mouth. He aimed the acrid fluid flowing from his cock and I let him fill my mouth, then swallowed. I opened my mouth again and he filled it with his urine a second time. I gulped it down. His flow started to slow and trail off. He pissed the last of his bladderful on my trainers.

"There ya go, what do you say cunt ?" He questioned.

"Thank you." I said.

"Thank you what ?" He barked

"Thank you Sir."

"That's fucking better. I've marked you now cunt. You're mine. Now fuck off and if you say a word to anyone you're dead, get it."

"Yes Sir." I said dutifully.

He took the note I'd written for Tye and tossed it in my lap. I struggled to my feet, spent from his ravages. As I started to walk away, the *** from his attack on my young virgin arse made itself known. I could hardly walk. I was soaking wet, tired and felt used. I could smell him on my face, his piss wreaking on my clothes. As I made my way slowly back home in the cool night air, I shivered. I would have to sneak indoors, I couldn't let my mum see me like this, she'd have a fit.

I managed to get home and up to my room without being seen. I stripped off my sopping kit and collapsed onto my bed. All my dreams of my first time with a boy had been loving and romantic. How wrong they were. Thank god It was the weekend. I'd have time to recover properly. I drifted off to sleep....................

Please comment, it’s the only way I have of knowing if I should write more.


Thank you so much SSkitten.  From your profile, it doesn't apper that the content would appeal to you so I'm pleasantly surprised. xx


Thanks  XAriesaelax, I'm certainly encouraged to do so, the commengts are slowly trickling through. xx


Thank you marcopolo248. | think it's important to have at least a bit of a plot to hang a story on. I think you might like my next story,  I've cocncocted a a fairly plausible  storyline for it. 

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I’m guessing this isn’t a real story… but it feels asif it could be. 

very well written and evokes alot of emotion! 


Thanks for the comment Imjustme, it's entirely fiction I'm afraid. I labour long and hard to try to find a plausable mechanism to get the story off to a start. If it's not believable, or it's been done to death, I find I lose interest in a story early on (truth or dare etc...)

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