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The Demon


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You look down and see it her eyes

She wants him

The man to despise

So you awaken the demon

From his slumber inside


As she kneels

Mouth full

Eyes streaming

You know this nightmare

Was what she was dreaming

Feeling the demon

That was lurking inside


Some may question

Is he/should he be there

Her moans give the answers 

As you twist your hand in her hair


You make your mark

As she’s made to  pay

For her bad girl

Demeanor the previous day

Penance for the demon

Lurking inside


Some may question

Is he/should he be kept hidden

Her longing  

Negates indecision


so as you return

return from the thrill

you wrap arms around her

to keep off the chill

she looks

you look to her with pride

the demon is gone

back sleeping inside


thi is my  view of my sadistic side and designed  to  evoke discussion , I respect all comments and views and encourage them 


thankyou again sid 

while the ideas are there i'm letting them out


Wow another amazing piece ! ED I think I might just steal a couple of your  lines ! 😉 

This could really be a song. 

@KCurious It’s been flowing last few days especially after I found the first two forgotten about in my account on another site I know some will say you shouldn’t separate yourself in this way others may say they comparmentalise This is just how I view it Ps I openly expect royalties lol
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