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-Her First Training Session - Part 3 -


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Lulu returned home at 5:00pm as planned. This would allow her two hours to feed Mr. Beebs, grab a snack and get ready to leave by 7:15. It was only 20 minutes to The Training Spot according to the suggested route on Google Maps. There was another faster route that took only 19 minutes but she didn’t consider it, surely there’s a good reason Google suggested the other route and she didn’t want anything to do with a faster route that wasn’t the suggested route. “That’s right Mister Beebs I have your dinner!” she said in that high pitched voice people only use when talking to their pets. Lulu was glad she had today off as that gave her time to clean the apartment, Google search cats+stroke, Call Mom Back and Buy Cat Food, all of the items on her Get it Done list preceding 8:00pm Submissive and Slave Training. The microwave beeped and she took out the Lean Cuisine Chicken Delight which wasn’t one of her favorites but she had Mister Beebs was having the Shredded Chicken in Gravy, his favorite, and she liked it when both had the same thing for dinner. After licking his bowl clean and having a few laps of water Mister Beebs jumped into Lulu’s lap and watched intently as she ate her dinner, his head moving from the plate to her mouth with each bite like spectators at a tennis match. As soon as Lulu took her last bite the cat knew there was nothing left to watch and jumped down and took his position at the window sill ready to protect their home from any bird, mouse or other little creature that got within twenty feet of his lookout. Meanwhile Lulu tried to decide what to wear. She chose her newest pair of khakis and looked through the neatly stacked sorority function t-shirts hoping there would be one appropriate for the occasion, stopping at the one that said “Annual Inter Fraternity Boxer Bash” the annual event where party goers traveled from fraternity to fraternity all night drinking and dancing at every house and that night in her sophomore year was one of the wildest of her life, ending with she and Suzie Dunhurst stripping naked and making out in front of their dates in her dates room at his frat house. She had never kissed a girl before and thought Suzie was cute, plus the boys really liked it. After Suzie and her date left, she and her date fucked and it was just the fifth or sixth time she had sex, she wasn’t sure because in her freshman year she fucked a guy after a party, they fell asleep and then fucked again the next morning before she left so she didn’t know if that counted as once or twice. She went to college a virgin but her ‘Big Sis’in the fraternity Chloe said that all the girls get wild their freshman year and fuck as many guys as they can, then maybe think about getting a boyfriend in their sophomore year. Lulu had fucked three other guys in her first year and enjoyed it so much she would have fucked one hundred if the opportunity arose. She had only had one boyfriend, a popular boy she dated her senior year in high school and they were named Prom King and Queen. On prom night, her boyfriend pressured her to have sex but she would only give him a handjob and put him in her mouth a couple times between strokes. He seemed pretty happy when he came but as Lulu was cleaning herself up he broke up with her. The imperfect end to an otherwise imperfect night that soured Lulu on having a boyfriend even though she has received plenty of offers since. Deciding that one of her sorority t-shirts might make her seem too young she opted for the dusty pink pullover North Face hoody with the subtle light gray logo running down one sleeve. Pink looked good on Lulu and while most hoodies were big and baggy, this one was snug and as she looked in the mirror she thought her breasts looked good underneath it. She gave Mister Beebs lots of pets and scratches and placed a handful of treats on the floor, telling the cat not to wait up as she might get home late. She had never been to a sex training and had no idea how long something like that lasted but assumed it wouldn’t be real quick. Fortunately, she had the ‘B’ shift the next day at work which wasn’t until 2:00pm. Excited for her free event, Lulu got into the silver Honda Civic that her parents had given her on her 16th birthday but now 7 years old had only 66,106 miles on it, and pulled out of the parking lot turning right as Google Maps instructed. As she slowed the car down to let the mapping app catch up the red star that marked her destination and the car lined up perfectly. She looked around for the address and saw nothing except for a red door off the alley on her right. She settled into a parking place and studied the sign two car lengths ahead that said ‘Paid Parking 6am to 6pm - Evenings Free’ and she smiled thinking that the night has started off quite well. She fumbled through her purse until she found the little piece of paper with the instructions the woman with the sultry voice gave her and saw that it said ‘No street number it’s the red door off of alley’ and at 7:35pm Lulu was only a minutes walk from her First Training Session.

After giving the door a pull, it didn’t budge and about to give it another try Lulu noticed the door buzzer button. It was easy to miss as it was ***ted the same matte black color as the rest of the building and she didn’t recall anything about ringing a black buzzer
that is ***ted the same color as the rest of the building, so she reached into the single back pocket on right side of khakis and struggled to pull the note out as she had folded it very small, neat and flat to prevent it from making her ass look fat. She read through the instructions three more times and, sure enough, nothing about ringing a buzzer. She was about to call Reggie for advice on the matter but thought about where she was and why she was there and knew Reggie wouldn’t understand and she didn’t have time to explain, nor did she want to. Lulu was the girl next door type with an extra little shot of nerdiness and from what she could gather none of her friends in high school or college, actually nobody she knew, had ever spoken of feelings like the ones Lulu had. Her girlfriends always talked about how to give the best handjobs and blowjobs and she could tell you nearly every detail about every time one of her sorority ***s got fucked, but nobody ever said anything about being tied up, spanked, ***d and slapped. And when Lulu was horny she could think of nothing else. She had never had an orgasm while having sex and found it difficult to climax even when masturbating, but when Lulu watched the BDSM clips online and touched herself she would cum in minutes. On researching this, she had discovered she might have what’s called a ‘kink’. She had learned that there are almost as many different kinks as there are people and that some people couldn’t find arousal unless they were wearing a diaper and some liked to be peed and pooped on. Lulu hoped there wouldn’t be any diapers or pee or poop tonight because that was what she had also learned were some of her what is called ‘limits or boundaries’. Having decided not to call Reggie or her Mom on the matter, Lulu decided to take the risk and press the buzzer button. When she did, she could hear the sound of those old fashioned door bells like the ones in the big mansions in old movies and then through a speaker Lulu couldn’t see anywhere came the slow sultry voice of the woman from last night “Lulu? Is that you in the dusty pink hoody Lulu?” Startled and confused Lulu looked all around wondering how the woman could see her and muttered “Yes, I’m Lulu. I am here for my Free 8:00pm Submission and Slave Training” and she heard the buzzing noise that indicated the door would unlock for a brief time for her to go inside. She only knew about this because she has recently been to a party at Reggie’s and the door of his apartment building made the exact sound when he let her in. Lulu quickly opened the door and walked inside. As the red door finally came to its slow close and Lulu stood in the long, dimly lit hallway whose walls, ceilings and cold cement floors were all ***ted the same matte black color as the outside of the building and Lulu, who had just recently her annual eye examination, had perfect 20/20 vision but only when she squeezed her eyes so tight they were almost shut could she make out another door at the end of the dark hall. Lulu couldn’t understand why a business would have such a dark hallway. During her initial training, on posters in the store’s break room and in numerous employee emails Lulu had been told of the importance of a well lit establishment. In fact, she had learned that this wasn’t just about people being able to see products and product information well, but it was also very important for safety. She had heard that her company was sued by a customer that had fallen in one of their stores due to a poorly lit entrance nd had to pay him $1 million and give him his phone of choice and their top-of-the-line ‘Go Global’ service package free for the next ten years. While the settlement seemed large, Lulu was most impressed by the free phone and service. She thought that was so clever she secretly Googled information about the case and wrote down the phone number for Peabody Associates Attorneys At Law in case she ever fell in a store and needed a lawyer to help her. She wasn’t sure she would keep the information until she saw a commercial for the firm that started out with “Don’t Let Anyone Give You The Slip” and that did it, these people are clever she thought and she would want the most clever lawyer she could find if she was ever injured like that. As she walked down the hall Lulu made a new mental note titled Suggestions For Sultry Woman that included Include Door Buzzer In Instructions, Better Hallway Lighting and Artwork? She added the question mark to Artwork because she thought there was a good chance they had just ***ted the hallway and were waiting for the ***t to cure to rehang artwork, that artwork had been ordered but not yet arrived or another similar explanation for the barren hallway. It never occurred to her that the stark hallway was intentional for its effect. Just as Lulu reached out to open the door at the end of the hallway the door opened and there stood a woman who Lulu thought sure must be the sultry woman from the phone and the invisible speaker. Her hunch was confirmed when the woman said “Welcome to the Training Spot, we are so pleased to have you” and motioned for Lulu to come through the doorway and proceed ahead. The sultry woman led Lulu to a small waiting room that smelled very good, like her mothers flower garden in full bloom. There was a beautiful hardwood bench and a table beside it with a tall pitcher filled with ice, lemons, fresh herbs and water, a small glass and a small candle with a flicker that made the water pitcher and glass appear to be dancing on the table. There was what Lulu knew was called a valet because her mom had given her dad one once to put his suit and tie out each night for work the next day which always confused Lulu since the valet sat right next to the closet where he kept his suits and ties. D***d over the valet was what she would soon learn was a short black robe made of 100% fine sheer silk with a small belt that tied in front. Behind the bench was the most beautiful tub Lulu had ever seen, freestanding and cut from one enormous block of marble. There were fine French bath products and lotions and a stack of huge thick fluffy white bath sheets almost as high as Lulu stood. The woman began to draw the bath holding her hand underneath the water until sure it was the perfect temperature. “Undress” was all the woman said as she propped herself on the edge of the big marble slab of a tub with the steam rising from the water behind her and her eyes fixed on Lulu. As Lulu moved towards the bench the woman said “No dear, remain standing while you undress” and Lulu took a step back and bent over to unlace her New Balance 701 sneakers. She removed her shoes and socks and scooted them under the bench, then stood and looked at the woman. The woman was simply beautiful with creamy white skin, long straight golden hair, high cheekbones and a snug sweater dress that covered a body that was long and that Lulu couldn’t think how to describe, she was neither thin or large, skinny or fat. Lulu l could only think that the woman’s body was, well, perfect. Trying to push that thought out of her mind as she was about to reveal her body to the woman, Lulu pulled the hoody up and off of her and tossed it into the bench. She then nervously reached down and unclipped her bra and pulled the two cups away and slid the straps down her arms. Tossing the bra on the bench and standing straight Lulu could feel her nipples get hard and erect and saw the woman squirm around on the edge of the tub. Lulu did have magnificent breasts, full and firm C cups that sat high and really didn’t require a bra at all. Lulu unbuttoned her khaki pants and let them slide down over her slender hips and fall to the floor. She lifted the pants with one foot to one hand and tossed them on top of the hoody on the bench in a move more graceful than she knew she was capable of. Standing before the woman in just tiny XS g-string panties she saw the woman lick her lips and was sure the woman didn’t know that she had done so. This sent a rush through Lulu, a rush that made her panties soaking wet. Lulu hooked her thumbs under each side of the panties and slowly peeled it off over her legs. As she was about to toss the wet panties onto the bench the woman said “No. stuff them into your mouth, dear” with such authority that Lulu didn’t hesitate, opening her mouth as she fixed her eyes on the woman’s eyes and waded up the panties and shoved them into her mouth before closing her lips tight around them. Standing there feeling more exposed than ever before, her exceptional petite naked body on full view for the woman, and unable to speak with her mouth filled with the wet fabric. The woman walked around from behind the bench, with the tub now full and steaming, and extended her hand out to Lulu and Lulu wrapped her hands gently around the woman’s. The woman led Lulu to the tub and helped guide her down into it, then reached up to Lulu’s mouth and slid two fingers between Lulu’s lips grabbing the wet panties inside with a scissor like grip. She pulled the panties from Lulu’s mouth and staring into Lulu’s eyes proceeded to stuff the panties into her own mouth, closing her lipstick red lips tightly around them. Then, without a word, the woman proceeded to slowly bath Lulu and wash her hair. This was the single sexiest moment by a long shot that Lulu had ever experienced and she was sure that her cunt was wetter and her clit was more swollen than ever before. The woman then removed the panties and tossed them to the bench and said “your pussy tastes like what I imagine Heaven might taste, dear” and then guided Lulu from the tub and enveloped her in one of the big fluffy bath sheets. The woman then pulled out a small hand wound timer, the kind sometimes found in kitchens and gave it a crank. The timer let out it’s first tick as the woman sat it on the bench and she said “My work is done here, dear. You have 10 minutes. Towel off, pull yourself together, drink some water and when the timer rings go through that door. There will be someone there to meet you. I hope you have a lovely time. And by the way, get some new clothes that show off that perfect little body of yours. I see women here everyday but rarely ones with a body like yours” and she left the same way that they had come in.
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