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I daydreamed today.

A church.

A wedding.

You opposite me as we said our vows.

Exchanging rings.

Permission from the priest for You to also place what appeared to the vanilla world a necklace around my neck.

Head bowed, accepting Your collar.

Cold metal snapped into place around my neck where it belongs.

“You may kiss the bride”

Leaning towards me and whispering “mine” before devouring my mouth.

To the vanilla world we’re married.

To us I’m yours and You’re mine.

So yes, I daydreamed today.

The daydreaming gets harder,

More difficult to remember me,

More difficult to remember what I yearn for  

Every passing day makes the memory fade,

Every passing day I lose myself more.

An alternate world,

A parallel universe,

A place where I’m happy,

A place where I’m Yours and You are mine.

A daydream and a nightmare rolled in to one.


Love, X


Awesome daydream

Beautifully written.  

2 hours ago, cum4meSlowly said:

Got to love a good daydream. I am sure your Prince Charming is out there. Keep looking and hopefully you will find him.

Sorry to burst your bubble. Neither Prince Charming nor Cinderella exist. 

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