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Float adrift. Untethered. You feel

The loss, you see the island

A tiny speck on the horizon. 

Waves shift you gently to and fro,

Leaving you unsteady. Unfocused. 

Check your phone. Check again. 


The absence yawns inside you,

a silence so filling it chokes. Doubts

flicker across your mind, candles

that reignite everytime you blow

them out. You pout, playfully at first

but then with deeper feeling. What

did you do wrong? Why are you not

On their mind when they are on yours?

You chastise yourself for your neediness.

Pathetic. Weak. Womanly? 

But you are needy. You check the phone

again. Refresh. Restart the app. 


Anger burns in place of uncertainty.

The candle topples from the cake and 

sets the tablecloth alight. Resentment. 

Walls build, blinds closed, until the spark

of connection is smothered out. Leave 

me to stew in the dark. 

Check phone, again.
Wow I so get this . I know I didn't mean much to him at all but I also know I'm worthy of someone that can give me more x

Amidst the stormy winds of life, A woman stands, resolute and strong, Her beauty shines with inner light, Her spirit sings a timeless song.

She's walked through fire and emerged unscathed, Her heart has weathered many a storm, She's faced the world with courage, unafraid, Her strength a guiding light, a beacon warm.

With grace and poise, she moves through life, A picture of resilience and might, She faces every challenge with a smile, And turns her darkness into light.

For in her soul, a spark ignites, A passion for all that is just and right, And though the road may twist and wind, Her unwavering spirit will always shine.

And so she stands, a vision of grace, Her beauty a reflection of her soul, Her strength and resilience, an endless well, From which love and light forever flow.

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Absolutely fantastic the way you caught the sentiments and communicate it so eloquently. I particularly like the beginning being a sailor now on a remote island with now one to play with. The ought of site, out of mind is nothing new due to my bohemian lifestyle, but it doesn’t take the sting out of being so easily forgotten.
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