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Date with Dora


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Dora and I had been talking for a while after we met thru the app. I told her I was going to be in town for work. She asked Daddy to give her what she so badly wanted.

She met me at the restaurant. Wearing a short silky dress that was only covering just passed her ass. It was tight and showed off her incredible busy line. I gave her a hug and kisses her on the cheek.

I held her hand and walked her to the table. 

We drank, and chatted. She giggled. Captivated by Daddy. 

I asked her if she still wanted to play. She said she wanted to give me everything... But she was a brat.

In the hotel room, I stripped her down to her panties. I kissed her and she bit down on my lip. I grabbed her hair and tugged it back. She smile.

She grabbed my crotch firmly, I tugged on her nipples and pushed her to her knees. I pulledy cock out. She turned her mouth away. I rubbed my cock on her face. She sucked it and then moved her head away

Safe word is Houston or tap me on my thigh twice. She spit on my cock

I fucked her mouth. Love those big brown eyes looking up at me while I used her mouth.

She scraped her teeth on my cock. I pulled it out and slapped her on the face 

I took her to the bed and put her on slls 4s

I put a ball gag in her mouth. Blindfold on and tied her hands together. 

Her pussy was soaking.

I slide my cock into that tight warm sticky pussy. She moaned and worked her hips on me 

I pulled her long brown hair while I fucked her from behind. 

I hit the spot and she came. I kept hitting and hitting it. Making her cum over and over. She was screaming thru the ball gag while pumped her tight pussy.

I took off her ball gag to let her scream. 

She yelled out, cum in my pussy Daddy.

I grabbed her by the throat from behind, and choked her while I pumped her.

I came deep in her pussy while she yelled out over and over... Cum in my pussy, Daddy, cim in my pussy Daddy!

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