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Late night encounters


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He checked his phone. Waiting on a response from the mysterious woman he had been talking to online. Nothing. He waited. Anticipation overcoming him. 

His phone lit up. He opened the app and saw her photo with unread next to it. A smile came across his face. He opened the message and it read hey, sorry been busy havent forgot about you. I have some free time tonight if you wanna meet up? Let me know soon... xoxo

He thought hard about how he should play this. He didnt want to seem desperate but didnt want to lose his opportunity either. He typed back hey you, was just thinking about you. Id love to hang out. What time are you available? 

He hit send hoping he didnt sound like a creepy stalker. The minutes it took for her to respond seemed like hours. In about 2 hours is that good for you? Where do you wanna meet? 

He looked at the clock 7:32 was what it read. Sounds perfect to me. Lets meet at the park. She went silent. He began to fumble through his thoughts. Will she like him? What would they do? Would they play out the scenarios they had flirted through messages all this time? He sat down. Calmed himself. 

He got ready. And went to the park. He sat there in his car watching and waiting for her to arrive. Then he saw her walking up. His heart felt as though it was going to pound out of his chest. He opened his car door and got out. Walking towards her. She was looking down at her phone so she didnt notice him at first. But when she looked up he could see her eyes. They glowed so beautifully in the moonlight. Her sundress swaying with her walk. Her long hair flowing down her back. His knees began to buckle and he caught himself. Hoping she didn't see. 

 They walked through the park for hours just talking getting to know each other laughing having fun. About the time midnight rolled around she realized it was getting cold he asked if she wanted to go home when she said 'no I would like to hang out with you still' he smiled and looked at her and said 'we could go back to my place if you are comfortable with that' She smiled and said 'yes'.

 When they arrived to his house it was dark She knows the neighborhood well she sent a photo I was a license plate I have to her best friend with a message that said if nobody hears from me In 24 hours this is where I'm at. She had seen too many television shows and movies so she prepared for the wobut she didn't think she would need itShe had seen too many television shows and movies so she prepared for the wobut she didn't think she would need it.

They walked inside the house and you led her towards the bedroom she said I have to use the restroom her to the bathroom and she went in to go pee. She checked her makeup and tried to get rid of her nerves.

Shoot came out of the bathroom and went to his bedroom he had dimmed the lights and had the TV on. He asked her what would you like to do she said we could watch a movie and so that's what they beginning they lay there watching a movie. 
She pretended to be cold hoping he would wrap himself around her and she grabbed his hand and moved it up her side Helping him to realize that she wanted this oh did she want this. She worked his hand up and down her thighs working its way get around to her a** massaging and rubbing. She let out a slight moan. And he knew it was just a matter of time. He slowely slid one finger in her pussy. Wiggling it and rubbing. He slid a second finger in her pussy and begand to fuck her with it. He put another finger into her asshole and she gasped. He slid down the bed and spread open her legs. Burrying his face in between. She gripped his hair and pushed it down. Face fucking him. He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a vibrator. And slowely teased her with it. First on the clit then in the ass then the pussy. And continued to switch it up. 

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