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Milk Maid Sub


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She started to own her post-baby curves. Wider hips, fatter ass with a slim waist and bigger, fuller tits that were full of creamy milk.

She came in from shopping. 

Daddy can I show you what I bought?

She came back wearing black lingerie that pushed her bust up and together.

Daddy do you like it?

She turned around and showed off her ass.

She walked over and got on her knees.

Daddy do you love me? Daddy I need you.

Daddy make me feel good.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She started sucking on my slowly. Licking my cock.  

She pulled her tits out of the lingerie and rubbed her nipples on my cock. Milk dripped out onto my cock. She licked it off.

She leaned back, grabbed her tits and squeezed. Milk squirted onto my cock. She stroked me hard and fast. 

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. Slide my cock inside her soaking wet pussy.

I grabbed her left tit, and sucked on it, drawing out more milk. I grabbed her right tit and sucked on it. Drinking it all up.

She slowly grinded on me. Daddy! She moaned. Daddy 

I grabbed her ass with both hands and help her grind her pussy all over my cock, while I sucked on her nipples, drinking every drop.

Daddy, I'm on the edge.

Hold it

She kept grinding on me.

Please Daddy.

I pinched her nipples and put me hand on her throat.

Do you want to cum on Daddy's dick?

Please Daddy. Please let me cum.

Bounce on it.

She rode Daddy hard and fast. My right hand choking her, my left hand squeezing her tits and squirting her milk out.

Cum for Daddy.

Oh my God she screamed.

Bouncing and grounding harder.

She came and moaned out while her tits squirted her creamy milk. 

I grabbed her with both hands around the throat and squeezed light while she slowly grinded on me 

I bucked and came deep inside her. Leaned forward and sucked on her nipples while I came.

Riveting read.
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