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Who owns these balls? - Part 2


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After what was about 10 minutes but felt like at least double that, the ball pain had subsidised enough for me to consider trying again. I stood up at the end of the bed but still clutched my balls.
‘Well..?’ Asked mistress. Do you want to try again?’
She took hold of my hands and prised them away from my balls without any resistance. I wanted to see if I could earn the chance to cum, even though I knew it was very unlikely given how hard she could kick.
After moving my hands away, mistress took my balls in her hand, as I took an intake of breath and winced in anticipation of any further pain.
‘Are these a little bit sore baby? Aww, don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from. Turn around this time and lean forward, putting your hands on the bed.’
I did exactly as mistress asked, knowing that kicks from behind hurt even more.
‘Look at those low hanging balls.. perfect.’ said mistress, as she crouched down and fondled them once more. That kept me hard, as she spread my legs a bit further.
Again the practice aims lightly touched my balls, and I already knew that this was going to hurt more than the first one.
There was a long pause as mistress didn’t want me to anticipate the kick..
I suddenly felt mistress’s foot connect once more with my balls, even harder than the first time, kicking them forward, up and trapping them between her foot and my stomach.
Again there was no chance of me standing, as I instantly fell forward onto the bed, clutching my balls, but not writhing this time, just moaning loudly into the duvet. The pain travelling from my nuts up into my stomach, as I slowly curled up and pleaded for the pain to go. Mistress tried to move my hands, but instinct was to keep my balls protected as they were still really sore.
I heard mistress’s soft voice: ‘Aww your poor balls. It looks like it hurts so much. Is all this pain worth it just for a chance to cum? You could just stay denied and have full achy balls, or try to earn a chance to cum and have, oh, full achy balls. Ha. Now get up.’
This is one of those you want to look away, but can't and then mad that you didn't after it's over 😂 oooooouuuucchhhhhy. Please no more 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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