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Public viewing party


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It had always been a fantasy of hers to be naughty in such a public place. She couldnt believe someone had finally agreed to it. She went on her phone to check times and seating availability and what was playing. She knew it had to be something with an R rating. To guarantee no children would be around.

There were few selections available with limited audience. After all she didnt want to go to jail. She picked one that was a bit later. 1015pm. There were 3 other people with purchased tickets. Perfect. She chose two on the opposite side of the theater and hit confirm.

She messaged him and gave him the time and what movie it was. And proceeding to get ready for her date. She knew she would need to wear something that would be easily removed and put back on. So she decided on a black and purple flowered mini skirt, a black tank top, with a bikini top for a bra, and no panties. After all, they would just get in the way. She showered, shaved, and did her hair and makeup. She packed a sample sized lubricant into her purse as well as a small throw blanket to put over her lap if necessary.

She wondered if she should bring a remote controlled toy and figured it couldnt hurt. She still had a couple hours before the actual date so she made sure to throw it on the charger and continued with her day.

Time flew by and before she knew it, it was time to go to the theater. She went outside just as her uber was pulling up.

When she arrived at the movies she stood directly in front of the fountain. Thats where they agreed to meet. It was dark out but the lights of the plaza lit up the venue. She gazed around until she finally saw him walking towards her. He too had dressed for the occasion. Black basketball shorts, a t shirt, a hat, nikes. Clean shaved. Very handsome. She could smell his cologne from where she stood and her knees nearly buckled.

They walked in together, and she checked them in. The concession stand was busy but she wanted a water so they waited in line. The theater was already about dark when they finally made it to their seats. The other viewers on the other side couldnt see them if they wanted to. They sat down and began watching the trailers for new movies coming out. Then the room got darker and the bass of the ominous sounds kicked in. It was time.

She moved her hand over to his and laced their fingers pulling his hand to her lap and let go. Her leg was bent at the knee and she felt his hand glide over her thighs. Immediately she grabbed his thigh and squeezed. Telling him she was excited for this without speaking a word. His fingers moved towards her pussy lips and she spread her legs a little bit more.

He leaned over and asked 'did you bring the toy?' She reached into her back and pulled it out. Turned it on and put it into her now soaked pussy. And handed him the remote. She put the footrest of the chair down and dropped to her knees. Opening the lube she pulled out his cock and began stroking it. The toy in her pussy vibrating at different intensities. She opened her mouth and sucked him. Gagging and spitting and stroking.

He ushered her to get back in her chair and proceeded to drop to his knees and spread her legs. Using his teeth and tongue he pulled the toy out and licked. He got back in his seat and she moved over to sit on his lap. His cock felt enormous in her tight pussy. She rode him quietly and slowely so as not to get caught.

She knew that this was going to have to continue after the movie was over to fully achieve satisfaction. So did he. After the thrill was passed they pulled up his shorts and down her skirt and finished the movie. In their own seats. Yet their hands remained on each others genitals the remainder of the film.

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