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**TW** - On the hunt day 2

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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Stalking


I returned to the station my quarry had left from yesterday. I parked across the street in the shade. It was mid day. I was excited, but I was calm. I knew this area well enough. I would not get lost. I hope she lived close by. I wasn’t great at following cars.

I began to imagine her life. I wondered at her early years. I wondered if she live alone? Did she have a love interest? She looked young. Mid twenties. She was probably a recent grad. Was this her first real job? Was she a naughty girl? Did she like it rough?

I waited and thought. At around five thirty I became more alert. The primal urge quickening inside of me. I waited. I held the steering wheel in my hand. I gripped it tightly. It was a poor substitute for a woman’s neck. It wasn’t supple and lacked warmth. Yet it felt familiar. It relieved the impulse. I gripped the wheel tighter starting to day dream again. She walked out into the afternoon sun. I almost sat upright. She stood at the taxi rank, tapping on her phone. The quickening intensified inside of me.

The car drove off. I pulled out and followed. I had spent the first few years in this stage. I would follow a woman home. I would sit out in front of her house. I would eventually drive off. I lacked the courage to go beyond this moment. It was very satisfying for a while.

I followed her down a tree lined street. The ride share stopped in front of a small house. My lovely prize walked up her drive, turned around a corner and disappeared. There was a detached garage in the back. Did someone live in it?

I imagined what she was doing. Walked into the living room. Set her purse and jacket onto a chair. Walked into the bedroom. Removed her bra, kicked off her shoes, and started to remove her jewelry. She undressed. Did she wear lingerie? I sat, waited and thought. The street lights came on. I wanted to look into window, peer into her life. I waited.

It was dark. I crossed the street. I went up her drive, into the cut. There was a side door. It was hidden from the street. I stood still and peered into a window. She sat at a table, working. She had a cat. She was still in her clothes. She hadn’t changed. She appeared to live alone. I wanted force entry. I waited.

Eventually I left. I knew where she lived. I would return tomorrow. I could wait

Gripping story can’t wait for 3
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