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**TW** -On the Hunt day 3

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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Stalking


The next morning I walked up her drive way to the side door. The secret to blending in was acting like you belonged there. You can’t look around and scan for potential problems. You might even waive to a neighbor, if they are looking at you. You can stoop to pick up a paper, tuck it under one arm, keys already out n the other.

I knelt at the door. The symbolism was not lost on me as I placed my pick into her lock. They very thought of it was invigorating. I enjoy this just as much as what was to cum. Schlage has 4 pins, it doesn’t increase the complexity of the task, just adds to the time it takes to get in. Every chastity belt has a key. The door slide open, a slight creak from the door. I had decided that if here was an alarm I would just force entry and leave. I hoped it would look like a foiled burglary. No alarm sounded.

Her house smelt wonderful. The colors were soft and warm. I walked slowly from room to room. No one was home. I sat down on her couch and imagined if I had been invited back to her place after a night out. Her cat sat there watching me on top of the coffee table. I thought I heard a faint purr. I would need to make a plan for it.

I walked to her bedroom. An intense quickening inside of me. I wanted this. Her smell was more present here. I walked slowly to the hamper and pulled out her clothes. I held a t-shirt to my nose. The bathroom had all sorts of bobbles and oddities. A bottle of T Rose. I took it. I did not care if it was missed. I went back to the hamper. I took a pair of underwear. They were lacy, but scratchy and not soft at all. Would she miss these too?

Her clothes were hung neatly. She had a few boxes in the top of her closet. They contained memorabilia. A picture of her as little girl. Was the man with her her father, her grandfather? Was this his home?

I found her toys. I was hoping for more. I was wishing I had found something kinky. A small vibrator. A bottle of lube. A box of condoms. An anal plug still in the plastic. I wanted to take it. I knew it would be missed. Was it a gift or purchased as an idea and never used?

I walked out to her kitchen. I sat at the table. I wondered again. What would normal look like? I imagined her bringing me something to eat. Would I ever domesticate like that? Ha, only in role play.

I started to plan the next steps. I would take her here inside of the house. I searched for and found a reasonable hiding place. Was I ready tonight? No, I could wait. I would get my kit together. I would return another day. She had no idea. That thought made me laugh. She would know who I was soon enough.

I wondered at her day. Where was she? What was she doing?

I left her house the way I came. I walked off into the early afternoon. I could wait. The urge was now an intensity, but I could wait.

I can’t wait to hit the number for now. You had me sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation of what’s going to happen you are very talented. 
Part 4 posted by waiting on mods to approve- The Capture
(Im)patiently waiting for #4
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