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**TW** Keep your Head


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**TW** **Trigger Warning** Capture/Abduction/***

The words had started to blur under the florescent lights. Slut has been reviewing licenses all day. Everyone was bidding on the new state contracts. Enough was done for the day. A drink and a nice bath was in this slut's future. The drive home was more mundane than the work but the traffic was light. The carpet felt good between slut's toes. Worth every penny. The sound of the water running in the tub eased slut's mind, time for some Luther and vodka. Smooth sounds and a smooth drink. Bath should be ready….

He went over the plans diligently. No false moves and no missteps. Slut vividly explained what happened to the one that did not follow the script. She's still facing charges for biting the head of his dick off. The thought of facing severe punishment for not pleasing a slut was a challenge he could not resist. He arrived at exactly 4:50pm. The key was right where slut said. He took his position in the bathroom closet. The anticipation kept him solid pressed up against the door the entire 22 minutes it took for the front door to open. He listened and watch as she walked in and out of the bathroom. Not yet slut stated. I must Wait for Love at high volume. The song must be near because slut is getting undressed….

Slut worked hard today like any other day in that hot office. Slut could smell the juices as the panties hit the floor. The sweat under slut's perky breasts was sticky. At least still clean shaven Slut admired the butt plug held in all day as it popped out. Slut reaches over to turn off the water when sudden movement flashed in the peripheral…..

What a body. Don't know if I want to fuck slut or that beautiful full length dragon with wings that extends from slut's right shoulder and tail ends wrapped around slut's left ankle. Perfect positioning has them sharing asses. Just look at how easy slut pops that butt plug out. Ready, set, reach, go. On slut, left hand grab back of slut's head and into the water 3 times simultaneously. After the third dunked, front slap right hand, backhand slap right hand. Left hand dunk back in water hold 5 Mississippis. Throw on floor, grey tape mouth, red furry handcuffs for feet and ankles, chain handcuffs together for transportation. Lift up by chain, carry to back door, pop trunk with key fob, out door in the brisk air, throw slut into the trunk, close trunk. Jump in driver seat and now I get to keep my Head.

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