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A sunny outing

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(Created by TomSussex, edited by Isme')

It's hot outside, the sun is bright and the damp countryside is vibrant with Autumn colours.

We park in a gateway into a field, deep in the countryside, far from anywhere.

I pull you to me and kiss you hard and deep, you sense my raw lust and hunger as my hand tightens in your hair, the other holding the back of your neck.

We break the kiss. 'Lets go into the field' I growl, breathing as heavily as you.

Walking into the field, moving behind the hedge so we are out of sight of the small road but just yards from the car, the long grass in the field smells sweet. From the small rucksack I'm carrying I unfold a blanket and lie it on the ground.

I kiss you again before turning you around so my lips can kiss your neck at that sensitive spot you like. As my hands gently buckle a cuff onto both your wrists, I lift your loose top over your head and unclip your bra, sliding it down your arms before clipping the cuffs together in front.

As the blindfold covers your eyes, you shiver slightly, wondering what is going to happen next.

As my lips continue against your neck and the cool breeze raises goosebumps on your naked breasts. My hands move down, squeezing and groping your round arse, before pulling your skirt down, swiftly followed by your lace panties.

I move away from you as you nervously stand in anticipation... you hear the rustle of clothing and then a sharp slap on your arse.


She started

Each smack a little harder until 'Eleven' and'Twelve' makes you gasp at the edge of your limit.

Your cheeks feel like they are burning. My hands don't caress or soothe them like I normally do. Instead I help you to kneel and then lie on your back, your legs eagerly opening without asking. This draws a dirty chuckle from me.

'Baby is horny today, aren't you? Do you want some cock?'

A mixture of lust and shame tumbles in your head resulting in a quiet...

'Yes please, Daddy' with your legs moving slightly too close. I slap your thighs hard making you squeak.

'Stay where you are!'

Three of my fingers slide easily into your pussy, stretching you open, a low moan coming from your lips as they move in and out, curling up to rub your sweet spot as my thumb rubs your clit, making you pant and gasp.

You feel other slippery fingers tease your tight arse and slowly push inside. One, then two, gently opening you up. As you feel my fingers leave your holes you whine in frustration. But then you feel me lie next to you and lift you astride me, guiding my cock against your pussy so you can eagerly push down and feel me slide in.

'No cumming until I say, Baby girl'

But with you on top, setting the pace, you grind eagerly and forcefully down, hungry for a shattering orgasm.

'I've got a suprise for you little girl' I say nastily as you feel my hands holding your throat.

'Open wide'

You are shocked when a hot hard cock fills your mouth. I pull you down slowly against my chest. You feel another tease against your arse before pushing slowly deep into your tigh hole.

Who the fuck?

You can't speak or move as all three men start fucking your holes together. I move my hand down and between us to rub your clit while lightly biting your neck.

The sensations are incredible and your body starts to shake.

'Cum now Baby Girl'

You spasm and gasp as your body tenses and trembles as you cum around the three hard shafts filling you.

Somehow you manage to gulp as the cock in your mouth explodes, as you feel me and the other man tensing, hearing us groan as we climax too.

As the others withdraw and you collapse onto me, I release your cuffs and cuddle you, wrapping the big blanket over us both.

I pull your blindfold off and watch you blink, looking around confused at the empty field.

Did you imagine it? The slick stretched feel of your arse and the slight salty taste in your mouth tell you it was real. I kiss you slowly.

'Happy Birthday my girl, did you enjoy your birthday surprise?'

'Yes Daddy' you smile back. You look down cheekily at me.

'Christmas and New Year is just around the corner.....an orgy makes a very nice present'.

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