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On line only gives restrictions can i have tasks suggested to give a newbie to perform


yeah, it can be limiting

i think a lot though can depend on what your sub is interested in, can do, can't do.  what would actually give you satisfaction to see completed. 


Yes your right.. Just joined so figuring out what to write..



Hi  for the last 5 years Ive been online to perform most of my task from contacts who live far away such as the Middle East, Russian Confederation Asia, and USA.  Ive often notie that when we use the tech that is available being online can be less restrictive...

Im already working on a project to use augemt reality,and VR methods that will bring us a bit closer .. Im very excited to purchase or create a Hologen device

What would be need is a way to get the online ...Introductory to BSDM/ Fetish Universe and to have support from the more experience Mistress and Masters who is a part of the site and will be able to give the REAL World.

It is a market from the On Line Kink  and I hope that more will happen in the future as well...I hope to get my real life experience soon and make my online projects more interesting..

This is also a good way of improving our knowledge and wisdom about ourself...I have even done research on how to blend in Real Dolls for BSDM Doll Lovers..too  they make great training helpers..

We should always let go  be free  :crazy::crazy:




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