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Run Rabbit, run

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Coldness fills the air. Second guess thoughts fills the mind, accompanied by sexual urges to be hunted. To be prey. The thought of being tackled and ravaged erects the nipples as the trench coat hits the floor. Naked, Nipples erect. Dripping wet in 15F temperature. Snow falls and it is sticking. Covering the top of feet now. Step out. When will it happen? The journey begins. Speed walking turns into a small trot. The excitement feels great. The hunt is on……

As the Dragon watches from afar, it wonders what is the Rabbit thinking right now? Will the Rabbit run back or run forward in search for food? Does the Rabbit smell the threat? Come to the Dragon little Rabbit? That's right, move swiftly. Flying now will expose the Dragon. The Dragon moves swiftly on all fours though the snow from tree to tree. The bronze color of the Dragon's skin camouflaging with the trees. Naked. Primal. A big cloud of smoke leaves the Dragon's nose. Fearing it's position is blown the Dragon lays belly flat in the snow. The heat from the Dragon's body instantly begans melting the snow causing a bigger cloud of smoke. Must change positions. The hunt is on…..

Stopping to feast on an apple senses heightened. Something or someone is near. The Rabbit must make it to the lunch basket where it will have enough food for the winter and not be eaten. Must keep it moving. Full sprint now. Body temperature is hot running through the snow. Something is in the peripheral. Dart behind a tree Rabbit. Slide in the snow. The Rabbit peeks. Something moved. Something breathed. Remnant of breath stills lingers. The Rabbit can smell the pineapples and the threat. The basket is near. Run Rabbit, run……

Stay still. Do not make a sound. Do not breath Dragon. Watch. Rabbit is on alert. Rabbit is making a run for the prize. Crawl swiftly through the snow Dragon. Rabbit will pass this tree. Stick out claw and trip Rabbit where Rabbit falls and makes a nice snow cloud. Rabbit is on her back now, patting and thinking of Rabbit's next move but there is none. The Dragon has risen now full size and is towering over the Rabbit fully erect breathing fire. The Dragon dives between the Rabbit legs and bites the right inner thigh. The Rabbit whimpers, defeated now. The Dragon has his teeth into her now. The Dragon shakes the Rabbit leg that is clenched hard in his bite looking for resistance or submission. No fight, purely submission. Time to eat. The Rabbit's juices satisfies the Dragon's thirst. The Rabbit rubs the Dragon's head and says "Thank you Daddy. I love being devoured by you". The Dragon bites hard.
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