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De-Stressin Daddy (SubSlut Gina)


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Daddy was working at the the office again on a Saturday.  He texted Gina he should be wrapping up around 4 and would leave then.

Gina called

Daddy, you've been so stressed out lately I made a massage appointment for you. One of my clients is a massage therapist and recently opened her own place. I will text you the address.

Jess was pretty. Athletic and fit with perky fake tits. She greeted me with a huge and a squeeze in the lobby of her office. 

We are closed for the day. I am going to lock up and get the room ready. Go change into a robe and I will come get you in a few minutes.

She  led me to the room and got me set up on the table.

Gina told me you have been under a lot of stress and to take away all your stresses. You're lucky to have her.

She massaged my back and legs and ass and arms while I was face down. She was good. Working all the stress out. Her hands were firm yet soft 

She helped roll me over to do the front. I was zoned out and half asleep.

Daddy, she said, Gina is on the phone. I'm going to put it next to your ear.

Hey Daddy, Gina said. Jess is going to get all the stress out. Just let her work you. 


Jess too my hand and rubbed it on her tits. Her top was gone. Touch me if you want 

She massaged my chest and stomach reaching down and rubbing my cock. She rubbed my thighs. I was hard.

She removed the towel and was stroking my cock.  Long. Hard. Firm strokes.

She spread my legs open and slide her lubed up finger in my ass while she stroked me. Working her finger in and out of my ass while her hand worked my cock.

She moved in closed and wrapped her lips around my cock. Sucking me. Swallowing me.

Finger working me 

I grabbed her tit and rubbed her nipple. She sucked harder and faster.

I started to cum and she worked her finger deep in my ass  and swallowed my cock while I came in her mouth.

All my stress melted away

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