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Forced Orgasm Pt3

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Your body is shaking, the pleasure insane now changing to pain. I warned you at our play date not to cum until instructed but you could not listen. You thought multiple orgasms would be fun, never done to you before.

Lying on the soaked bed, you looked inquisative at the rubber sheeting to protect the bed, seeing almost smirk in your bratty stance that it would not be needed.

Now 6 orgasms in the puddles gather, your body involuntary spasms, jerking trying to get away from the wand.

I lie between your legs lips clamped to your hood, tounge lashing your erect clit. My fingers gently exploring, looking searching for your spot. Finding it I tenderly play you scream my name, your pussy forcing the wetmess to my chin as I stay clamped on you. 

Sucking your clit giving you a female blow job, sucking head bobbing you can not hide, straining against the restraints. 3 quick orgasms you are now in a world of pain. RED you scream and I stop. I hope you will not come with out permission I whisper, as I clean you gently and hold you in my arms.

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