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Two Mouths to Feed


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Pam and Karen were friends and I had been seeing them both. 

Pam was tall and thick. Texas southern girl with curves and huge tits. Could deepthroat and take that dick from behind.

Karen was petite and fit. Sensational legs you just wanted wrapped around you while you pumped her face to face. 

Karen and Pam were hanging out at my condo one night. We were drinking and watching a movie.

I got up to get more drinks. Karen followed me in to the kitchen. She cornered me and kissed me. I pushed her head down. She immediately pulled down my pants and underwear and started sucking on her. 

A few moments later, I looked up and Pam was standing there. She walked over, and I grabbed her by the tits. I pulled her shirt up and her huge tits out of their cups.

I sucked on her nipples and made out with her tits while Karen sucked me.

I pushed Pam's head down and let them both play with my cock.

I pulled Karen up and slid my hand down her pants while Pam deepthroated me.

I worked my finger on her clit. She moaned. I fed her my finger that was soaked with her pussy juice.

I fingered her quickly. Working her clit while Pam sucked me. Karen came on my hand and I pushed her back down.

I pulled Pam up and fingered her and sucked on her nipples while Karen sucked me.

Pam told me she was going to cum on my fingers. She pushed her huge tits in my face and came on my hand.

Pam got down on her knees.

I told Karen to stroke my cock on Pam tits.

Karen stroked my cock and shot my load all over Pam's huge tits. I made a huge cummy mess all over her tits.

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