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when it rains you can share my umbrella

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It's raining hard today. You reach out to me.

Bring your kiss and sensual being

Your essence, fun and laughter Masked by woe .

Meet half way and share my big bold broad umbrella ?

Each flutter symbolises the freedom I feel when you unfurl your wings in my care.

Each spine reminds me of a tingle we share  even when i can not be there

Every drip that cascades from it's stealy rim is a trouble cast assunder

Sheltering silently from the storm-wrought sky

Wide innocent eye reflecting pools of wonder and draws me near

Drip drop..don't stop.
On your knees no one will see
As I plough your mouth deeply softly with love
Nestling in the warmth
Let the world disappear
Just the two of us (an empty pringles container did we really eat all those?; 2 bags of haribo one sour snakes, cookies and cream Ben and Jerry and 5 empty bottles of Belgian beer burp. )


Thank you most kindly. Follow me to see all my work as it gets posted. X

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I thought this was very poignant for a lovely person who shared their inner voice with me today.

If wish I could give them some of my confidence. I'm sure I'd have enough to spare.

You know who you are kitten.

  • 1 month later...

Dear Miss

You are troubled.

My arms are wide and my shoulders broad

A hunk of solace.

Cling tightly.

Say nothing

Just hide and rest

Let my confort do the rest.

Pp x


I prefer to lend mine out in the dry, any rain at all ime under it, no point having a dog and barking yourself sorta theory.

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