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Wedding Night

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I carry you to our honeymoon suite. The air conditioning on due to the hot Jamaican air. You look stunning in your see through wedding dress, holding every curve, our dream kink wedding to show you off. The beach wedding just us and a few hotel guests amazed at your lace see through dress.


The vows taken my name written in your breast and yours somewhere intimate on on me. Hourly in full view I slide a finger in you making sure you are in a high state of arousal. 


Breasts pert with the hardness of your nipple pushing through the lace of the dress. We kiss and laugh. 


I have a present for you my princess, would you like to open it? Yes Sir I would you reply with a glint in your eye.


I open the door a 6 foot athletic gentleman stands in the door way. I have chosen him specially for you. Our Stag Vixen dynamic about to be tested.


I lift your dress revealing a freshly waxed mound, glistening in the light, your lips wet from being checked hourly.


I open your legs, take her I command. He strips revealing a sculptured body of an adonis, and what can only be described as a third arm. 12 inches of pure uncut manliness. Erect for my new wife I smile, you will enjoy princess.


He slides in slowly opening you up slowly, stretching you with his unbelievable girth, you whimper and I hold your hand. Thrusting in and out stretching, your first BBC and you are in heaven. White breasts shaking with every thrust, with me by your side.


The thrusting becomes more frenzied the sweat glistening both your bodies, hevis ready to cum princess. Seed her I command, as a jerk and moan and hot spunk flooding your married pussy.


Leave I command as you lie there panting. I unzip and enter your filled pussy, sloshing in the huge deposit. You whisper thank you Sir as I take ownership back.

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