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Success At All Costs?


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Top Marks

The climb up the corporate ladder had been swift and sure for Dorothy Hancock. Within five years, she had risen from Marketing Assistant to head of East Coast Operations, and now a place at the big table beckoned. She had heard, through the executive grapevine, that she was being considered for the post of National Marketing Director; and THAT would mean the big time! The only step after that was to the Board, and, at Forty, she would be one of the youngest female company directors in the business. Each day, she checked her mail for the message from HR that she was required for interview, and, as time went one, she became more and more anxious. What if they had changed their minds?

She almost missed the email amongst the hundreds she received each day, and was quite surprised at its curt content.

Dear Dorothy,

An appointment has been made for you with Mr. Brown, head of HR, for Thursday at 1400 hrs. He looks forward to seeing you.

Its simplicity, and obvious not-to-be-ignored tone, was not what she expected. This could put a whole different spin on things; what if they had other plans for her? She had two days in which to stew over its meaning, and to make sure she was well prepared!

Dorothy was nervous during the elevator ride up to the HR offices. She had discretely asked those who may be in the know for information, but each time she had drawn a blank. There was nothing for it but to be punctual, and hear what Mr. Brown had to say.
The head of HR was a bluff and forthright man who had a reputation for pulling no punches; his speech outlining the need for this meeting leaving Dorothy in a whirl.

“Thank you for coming Ms. Hancock. I am sure you are aware of the fact you are being considered for promotion, however in the process of your assessment a problem has arisen. There are minimum educational and professional standards that must be attained, and unfortunately you are lacking one.”

He had waved his hand at her to forestall her protests, and continued.

“Yes, we both know you have more than enough professional qualifications for any job in this industry. What is lacking is something so basic, that I am surprised it has not been spotted before. You do not have a formal Math qualification.”

She had been dumbstruck. After all these years, and all her achievements, her lack of a high school maths grading was stopping her. What was worse, and something she had to admit she had conveniently forgotten, was she HATED maths, and was useless at it!

It was pointed out to her that, while it was trivial, it was still a requirement of the company, and she would have arrangements made so that she could deal with the matter quickly. They had given her a month to attain the necessary grade.

That was how Dorothy found herself in a high school classroom surrounded by younger students. She had been put under the tutelage of a Professor Greenlake, and he had assured her that he would guide her through a fast-track program to complete well within a month. It had not got off to a good start. He had given her a test paper to, in his words, “See where they were at”, and she had barely scraped a “D”. The minimum her company would accept was a “B+”.

That was a week ago, and now she was sweating through another exam in the hope of some improvement. She had two weeks left until the deadline, and things were starting to get desperate. With shaking hands, she placed her completed exam paper on the desk and left quickly in search of coffee.

She had gone outside to smoke a cigarette with her drink, and was watching the antics of the younger people when there was a polite cough from behind her. Professor Greenlake stood there looking a little perplexed.

“Ms. Hancock? I think we need to have a quiet chat in my office, if you have time?”

Dorothy sighed and nodded in agreement. This didn't bode well at all!

His office reminded her of the ones from her own high school days; shelves stacked with books, paperwork strewn across various tables, and large grey filing cabinets. Professor Greenlake sat behind his desk and shook his head sadly.

“I have the results of your last exam, Ms. Hancock, and I'm afraid to say that, even with generous marking, you have only achieved a “C”. Given the time-scale we have, I can see it will be a struggle to reach the grade you require.”

Dorothy took the news like a blow to the stomach. Her whole career hinged on one stupid fucking exam; without that grade she would be finished. She looked up at the Professor, struggling to keep her emotions in check.

“I have always hated maths. As a kid it just didn't make sense to me at all, and over the years I have found ways around my weakness. I really need this, Professor Greenlake, isn't there anything you can do?”

He peered at her over his half-moon glasses and shrugged slightly.

“There isn't enough time left to walk you through the basics, Ms. Hancock, so unless you have a major brainstorm and it all clicks into place you will not reach the grade you need. I am sorry, I can do no more. I will be marking the next paper, so will have a little leniency, but there is no way I can make your current ability reflect in a “B+” grade. All I can suggest is you crack the books and find a way to do this.”

That night, Dorothy lay in bed contemplating her future. Without this grade she would lose this opportunity, and she had worked too fucking hard to let it slip away now. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and she needed a plan. After an hour of deep thought, she figured there may be a way around the whole problem, and fell asleep with a slight smile on her lips.

The following morning she was up early. If she was going to convince Professor Greenlake her idea was viable, she would need to prepare very carefully. She wanted to catch him well before class started, so, after a final check in the mirror, she collected her car and set off across town to the school.

The Professor was surprised when she knocked and entered his office, and his eyebrows nearly left his face when he looked her over.

She had chosen her only indulgence, a Dior business suit, to wear over nothing else at all. The fuck-me heels that matched the suit made her legs look endless, and, coupled with her dramatic bedroom make-up, she looked fucking HOT! Dorothy put a sway into her hips as she crossed the small room and perched on the edge of his desk. She gave her voice a husky purr as she looked down on the wide-eyed academic.

“I think between us we can achieve the grade I need, Professor Greenlake. You have no idea what this means to me, and I will be so VERY grateful to you if we can reach an understanding and get me that qualification.”

The Professor's mouth worked silently for a few seconds, before he reached for a handkerchief to mop his suddenly-sweating brow.

“Why, err, Ms. Hancock, this is totally, err, unnecessary, as I cannot MAKE you pass the examination!”

Dorothy swung her legs around to face him, making sure he had a good view of her lightly-tanned thighs.

“My dear Professor. My abilities in maths are too limited for me to even come close; however I have talents in OTHER areas that will help you reach the decision that the grade is merited.”

Dorothy slid from the desk and knelt at his knees, sliding her hands up his thighs as she licked her darkly-painted lips.

“I am prepared to make you a VERY happy Professor, if it gets me what I need.”

The academic swallowed hard and stared at her like a rabbit caught in headlights.

“Ms. Hancock! Please! This is most improper, and I shall have to ask you to leave!”

Professor Greenlake gave a small squeak when her fingers moved across the front of his pants and started to pull the zip downwards. Dorothy licked her lips again and purred.

“Don't be like that. Wait until I show you.”

She slid her hand inside his pants, her fingers finding more than she hoped she would. When she withdrew his cock Dorothy had to smile.

“Why, Professor Greenlake! That is a very impressive piece of equipment you have there. This could be more enjoyable for BOTH of us!”

She stroked his large cock, pleased to feel it thicken and twitch under her fingers. The Professor's face had gone a deep crimson colour, and his breathing was becoming very shallow.

“You mustn't do this, Ms. Hancock! Such behaviour is totally unacceptable, and I will not have you...”

His voice cut off when Dorothy leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around him. His cock had grown beautifully, and she felt him throb when her tongue flicked around his glans. She couldn't take all of him in, he was too big, but she knew how to work a man. She sucked and licked while her fingers pumped, making sure he was looking at her as she dribbled around his cock deliberately. She lifted up, letting the drool drip down her chin as she smiled wickedly at him.

“I told you I could be nice. All you need to do is agree to give me the grade and I will let you enjoy me this morning.”

She dropped her mouth onto him as far as she dared, making herself gag as he groaned.

Dorothy could feel the throbs and twitches in his cock, so knew he was getting close. She lifted again, just letting her lower lip rub against him as she whispered quietly.

“Tell me I have the grade, Professor, and I will let you cum in my throat.”

Professor Greenlake groaned and twitched in his chair, his hips lifting up in desperation as his cock pulsed against her mouth.

“Oh, dear god, YES! You have it Ms. Hancock, now please finish what you started!”

Dorothy grinned and jammed her mouth down onto him, even deeper than before. The Professor gave a strangled groan and jerked, the flow of cum that hit the back of her throat making Dorothy gurgle and wretch slightly. She pumped with her fingers until he was finally empty before dropping back onto her heels. She looked up at him as she wiped a stray dribble of his cum from her chin, and sucked it from her finger.

“When I have the paperwork in my hands I will do that again for you, Professor Greenlake, I can tell how much you enjoy it.”

She stood, and smoothed down her skirt before leaving the room and the astounded academic behind her. She ignore the stares from other students, particularly the boys, as she strode out to her car. On the drive back to her apartment she lit a cigarette and blew the smoke out of the window; that wasn't so bad after all!

On the day she went to collect her certificate she was true to her word. This time she undid the buttons on her jacket to expose her breasts, and Professor Greenlake had cum all over her face inside of thirty seconds.

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom at work, she took the elevator up to HR and handed over the paperwork with a satisfied smile.

Two days later, Dorothy was sat at her desk when her secretary buzzed through; she had a call waiting from a Professor Greenlake. Surprised he was calling, Dorothy took the call with a cheery greeting.

“Good afternoon, Professor, this is a nice surprise. What can I do for you?”

She heard him clear his throat before speaking.

“I have just got off the phone with your HR department, thanking me for assisting you. It turns out that your appointment won't be confirmed for another two months, so I want something from you. You will come here twice a week and let me enjoy that tight little body of yours more. I haven't fucked you yet, and I know all your holes will be enjoyable. Fail to turn up, and I will make sure the REAL results find their way to the right people. I look forward to seeing you on Friday.”

The call went dead, and Dorothy sat with the phone to her ear for another two minutes, staring into space.

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