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Fun In The Sun


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Ruth had to calm her friend down before she could understand a word she was saying. The high-pitched screams and laughter coming down the phone meant she held it several inches from her ear.

“For god's sake, Flick, take a deep breath and start again!”

Her friend, Felicity, jabbered something else before an audible breath could be heard. Ruth waited until there was a moment of silence.

“Right. I understood everything up until you said, “Phone call. After that I didn't get a thing.”

There was another intake of breath, and then her friend started to talk quickly.

“I, I mean WE, have won a holiday to the fucking Maldives! I entered a competition months ago, put our names in, and I have just had the call telling me we have won! It's for two weeks, in a private villa, and everything is provided. They are even throwing in a thousand dollars spending money!”

It was Ruth's turn to take a deep breath before she could reply.

“If you are joking, I will slap you silly, Flick!”

Felicity squealed again and laughed.

“I wouldn't joke about something like this, Ruth! They have told me that a prize winner's pack is on its way to me, and all the details will be confirmed in there. As soon as it arrives you will get to see it!”

After more squeals and excited chatter, the two friends said their goodbye's. Ruth wandered through to her kitchen; if ever there was a time for coffee, now was it!

She and Felicity had been friends for a number of years, meeting in the school yard when their children had started kindergarten. As single mums, they had naturally gravitated towards each other, forming a united front against what Felicity called “The Married Mothers Mafia”. Their respective exe's were still very much a part of their children's lives, but, with money being tight, both had often dreamed about taking a vacation just for themselves. Ruth sipped her coffee and grinned. If this turned out to be on the level, then she would make the most of it.

She found that the rest of her chores for the day skipped past, lost in her imagination of white beaches and swaying palm trees. The Maldives. Goddamn!

It was two anxious days before the large envelope arrived bearing all the facts. After reading through only half of it, both women were dancing around the room and squealing at the tops of their voices. They were going to have a ball!

It had taken a lot of negotiation, and haggling, to ensure that both of them could have the two weeks to themselves. Ruth's ex hadn't been too difficult, but Felicity had to resort to sex to get hers to agree. She had rolled her eyes at Ruth's disapproving look.

“Hey, what is two minutes of boredom when compared with two weeks in the fucking Maldives? As usual it was over in a flash, and the stupid jerk STILL apologized afterwards!”

Ruth had chuckled at her friends attitude, pleased that she hadn't had to go that far.

After the twenty-hour flight, the burst of heat that hit both women as they stepped from the plane was almost too much. Not sure what to expect, both had worn regular clothes; by the time they had collected their luggage they had stripped off considerably. Ruth sat on the bench near the exit and fanned her face with her hand.

“Jeez, honey, I think we aren't going to need any clothes at all for this holiday. I'm not sure my milky-white skin is going to be able to face this sunshine!”

Felicity laughed and waved her arm at her face.

“Look at that. I am so pale as to be almost translucent! By the time we leave here, I intend to be golden brown and looking gorgeous. Maybe one of the dad's in the school yard will have another look then, eh?”

Ruth shook her head, smiling.

“You are an incorrigible minx, Felicity. You have batted those big brown eyes at ALL of them, so I am sure they have noticed you.”

Felicity shrugged and winked in return.

“It won't hurt if these assets have a golden glow to them, will it?”

She jiggled her boobs, much to the shock of the elderly couple standing nearby. Ruth grabbed her friend and pulled her towards the door.

“Let's get you out of here before we get arrested! There should be a car out here waiting for us.”

True to its word, the company behind the competition really had laid on everything. The friends sighed in relief as they sank into the air-conditioned interior of their very own Limousine.

They “ooh'ed” and “ahh'ed” for most of the journey, as the island revealed its exotic flora and architecture. When they caught sight of the ocean for the first time both women held their breath. It was the same colour as in the pictures they had pored over prior to coming; its deep azure tones contrasted with the dazzling white of the sand. Truly a paradise on earth.

They were speechless AND breathless when the driver of the limousine showed them into their villa. They stood there looking at each other for several minutes before Felicity spoke.


Ruth couldn't think of anything more fitting, so simply nodded.

In her wildest dreams she couldn't have imagined something so sumptuous, and, when they wandered over to look out of the large picture window facing the beach, she thought she had died and gone to heaven.

There was a large patio area leading down to the white sand, and set into the middle was a swimming pool. It glittered pale blue in the sunlight, and she knew exactly what Felicity was thinking when she turned to look at her. Without a pause, both made a dash to get outside, and, with squeals that could be heard back in Boston, they jumped head first into the cool water.

Having explored the villa and found an ample supply of food and alcohol, it was two very well fed and watered ladies who stretched out in the late afternoon sun.
Ruth sighed deeply and contentedly; this was all she could have wished for. She let the sounds of the waves and the breeze wash over her, the slight buzz from the wine giving her a floaty feeling as she sank into the lounger. Through her eyelids, she became aware that the sun had been blocked out, so she opened one eye in readiness to moan at Felicity. The tall, young man that stood at the end of the lounger was a shock, and she sat up with a squeal.

“Who the hell are you?”

A broad grin split the tanned, handsome features of the boy. Ruth was very aware his eyes were roving over both of them.
His voice was deep and mellow, and his amusement at her scrabbling to cover herself with a towel obvious.

“Sorry, lady. I no mean to startle you. I am Miguel, your pool boy, and I come to make sure you no need anything.”

Felicity had been dozing, but she opened her eyes at the sound of the voices and quickly joined in.

“Does that mean we have your services for the whole two weeks?”

Miguel turned and grinned at her, his gaze taking in her barely-covered curves.

“Yes, pretty lady. I am here to make your stay a happy one, so if there is anything you want then Miguel is providing it.”

He had tapped his chest and smiled wider at his own statement, also very aware that both women were eyeing his dark sculpted physique.

Felicity caught Ruth's eye and winked before replying.

“In that case, Miguel, I could do with some help applying this sun screen. Be a good boy and do my back for me, will you?”

She rolled over slowly, reaching behind her to undo her bikini top before pulling the thin straps from her shoulders. Ruth shook her head at the blatant exploitation.

Miguel gave a little bow of his head, and moved to kneel between the two loungers. Ruth admired the way his gleaming skin rippled with muscle, and she sighed as his hands started to cover Felicity's exposed back with sunscreen. He must have heard her, because he turned and smiled down at her.

“I can do you too, pretty lady, if you remove your top? Miguel know how to use both hands at once.”

He gave her a cheeky wink and Ruth could feel herself starting to blush, but it didn't stop her from doing as he suggested. When his large hand made contact with her skin she purred quietly, and Miguel chuckled as he started to stroke the sunscreen across her back.

“I like you ladies from far away. You have soft, white skin, not like local girls who are dark and rough.”

Ruth opened one eye, and watched him as he concentrated on covering both of them with cream. She admired his co-ordination; both hands moved in synchronized patterns to ensure he didn't miss a spot. He was firm but gentle, and when he rubbed into the small of her back Ruth felt her hips give a little shake. She closed the one eye again and sighed contentedly. A quiet growl from HIM made her eyes flick open, and she saw immediately that Felicity had decided she wanted a little more than just sunscreen. Her friends hand was stroking the front of Miguel's shorts.

As she watched, his large, thick cock started to swell under Felicity's fingers. Her friend grasped it and rubbed slowly through the material, making it push out menacingly from his slim hips. Ruth licked suddenly dry lips as Felicity pulled down the front of his shorts to free his erection. It sprang out, twitching and throbbing, and he growled again as Felicity's fingers encircled his cock and slowly pumped up and down. It was glistening with sunscreen, dark and pulsing, and looked dangerously large to Ruth! Felicity gave a strangled mewl, and Ruth could see that Miguel's hand had gone under her panties and between her legs, his fingers obviously working into her. Before she could lift to get a better view, his other hand did exactly the same to her. Ruth gasped as slick fingers went inside her, pushing deeply, and she moaned loudly as he started to move them in and out.
She could hear the groans of her friend, and the quiet grunts of Miguel, as she started to feel her pussy heat up under the attention. She looked though half closed eyes at his glistening cock, and decided that she, too, wanted to touch. Ruth reached out, and her fingers joined those of Felicity in pumping Miguel's large, throbbing cock. The feel of him in her hand made her moan again, and her hips started to lift in time to his delving fingers. She was building towards orgasm quickly, and could tell from the gasps coming from the other lounger that Felicity was in the same state! She groaned when his fingers were removed, but the feel of him pulling her panties lower made her lift to make it easier. That was all the invitation Miguel needed.

He stood quickly, their hands slipping from him, and lifted his leg to straddle the lounger, Ruth's quivering hips still raised and exposed. She turned to look over her shoulder, about to question his motives, when that large, slippery cock pushed its way inside her. Ruth moaned and lifted under the pressure. He was almost too big for her, and she panted for him to be gentle before he went too deep. She had never been filled so completely, and she started to shake as the first ripples of orgasm flowed through her pelvis. When he started to fuck her, slowly and deeply, she thought she was going to swoon.

Felicity slipped from her lounger and knelt beside the rutting couple, her hands stroking Miguel's sweat-covered back in encouragement.

“That's a good boy, Miguel. Old Ruth here needs a good fucking, so make sure she gets to feel all of you!”

Ruth looked at her friend in shock, the response a sly grin and a small wink. Miguel took his cue and moved faster. Ruth grunted each time his gorgeous cock hit deep, and she arched and pushed back up at him. Felicity was right; she DID need a good hard fucking, it had been far too long! The boy pounded her, making the lounger rattle and shake with each thrust, while Ruth moaned and let him have his way with her. She was gasping and squealing, alternately begging him not to go too deep, then crying out for him to take her harder, her mind in turmoil as the pleasure flowed through her in unstoppable waves. It was almost a relief when Miguel pulled out of her and slapped her shaking ass.

“Miguel thinks you are a greedy lady, and its time your pretty friend had some of this!”

He held his huge cock in his hand, and turned towards Felicity. She took one look at the dripping phallus before scrabbling back onto the lounger and lying on her back. Her thighs parted wide in offering.

“Yes, Miguel. It is high time her friend got some of that lovely cock too!”

Ruth watched through blurred eyes as Miguel hooked Felicity's ankles over his shoulders and simply jabbed his big cock into her. Her friend whimpered and wriggled as he held her hips and pulled her onto him, her eyes wide as she felt him stretch her insides. Ruth smiled a happy little smile; she knew exactly how that had felt.

She could see that Miguel was also getting close to the point of no return as he pumped into Felicity like a man possessed. Her friend was groaning in pleasure as she was taken hard and fast, her feet quivering in the air as her own orgasms took hold. After an extra hard thrust and growl, and a long squeal from Felicity, he pulled out and unleashed a torrent of cum across her belly. Ruth watched, amazed, as he seemed to pump a gallon of hot, sticky fluid onto her friend before dropping back onto his haunches with a satisfied smirk. He stood again and smiled down at the two exhausted friends.

“You need Miguel again during your stay, you just call for him, okay?

Ruth and Felicity couldn't find any words, so nodded weakly in unison. Happy with their response, Miguel simply smiled and walked off towards the beach.

After a few minutes, Ruth found the strength to roll over and look at her friend. Their eyes met for a few seconds before they both burst out laughing. This was going to be one HELL of a vacation!

Feb 4, 2022

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