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You can be my bitch


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Nat (Natasha) was thrilled when she found out Mick was going to the conference as well.

Mick was a VP in her company.  He was tall, charming, out-going. Pretty sure she could make him her bitch.

Nat was half Asian, half white. Short with curves and a pretty face.  

She was quiet and reserved in the office. Mick always sought her out in the office and happy hours.  Everyone else got his full attention. 

First night of the conference,  there was a welcome reception. Nat posted herself next to Mick all night. She wore a low cut dress to show off her tits, knowing he could just loom straight down.

They drank and laughed.

The reception was breaking up. Mick said he was heading up to his room, and had a bottle of bourbon up there.

Nat said he should come back to her room.

His eyes got big

In the elevator,  he grabbed her ass and squeezed. I've been wanting this forever.

In her room, he grabbed her and kissed her.  Reached around her, and grabbed her ass with both hands.

She bit his tongue and grabbed his crotch.

Ouch. He yelled.

She was still holding on to his cocktail.

You thought you were going to put his big cock in my pussy and in my ass?


You don't deserve this pussy.  You want to stretch me out?

You'd better kiss it.


Nat slapped Mick.

You'd better each my pussy.  She slapped him again. You'd better eat my ass.

She pulled off his pants and underwear and pushed him on the bed.

She pulled down her panties and hiked up her dress.

She got on the bed and straddled his face.

She grabbed his hair and grinded her pussy on his face.

Lick it bitch.

He liked her pushy with long and deep strokes.

She moaned.

He reached up and grabbed her tits.

She slapped his hand away. 

She got off his face and choked him with one hand. Don't touch bitch. 

She turned around and fed him her ass.

His tongue went straight up her ass hole.

She moaned and bucked and grinded her ass all over his face.

She grabbed his cock while she rode his face. Not rubbing it. Just squeezing it tightly. 

She came hard on his face.

She got up and went into her bag.

What about me?


You want to put that huge cock in my tight tiny pushy.


No. But you can have this.

Nat pulled out a strap on and put it on.

Put a rubber glove on her hand

You can be my bitch and I will stretch you out.

She lubed up her glove and her rubber cock.

She slide her lubed fingers in Micks ass. He moaned out.

He grabbed his cock and stroked it.

She slapped his hand. Grabbed him by the throat. That's mine, don't touch. 

She slid the strap on in his ass.

Mick moaned out while she pumped him slow and deep.

Nat worked his ass. Held it in deep ND slowly pulled out.

She grabbed his cocktail with the hand that was gloved and covered in lube.

She stroked it hard on slow.

Bet you wanted my pussy gripping this cock.

Yes, he moaned out as she fucked his ass.

Not gonna get it.

Bet you wanted to cum on my perky tits. 

Yes, please. 

She pushed in the toy deep and held it.

Not going to be your cum slut

Nat pumped his ass with the toy and jerked his cocktail fast and hard.

I'm going to cum, mick wimpered.

She took him right to the edge and let go.

His cock squirted. 

Fuck. Mick screamed.

His cock throbbed wanting to be stroked. It pulsed and got dark red in color and cum leaked and pulsed out all over Micks stomach.

Nat pulled her toy out of his ass.

Mick lay on the bed panting and throbbing.

I'm done with you batch, get out, Nat said




That was hott

She did exactly what I would have done. Very nice.

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