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Daddy’s Princess

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I hear you typing away in the office. Caught up in shooting off banal replies to emails that can wait

With my kindle propped on my pillow I rock on all fours as i read trying to give some relief to the building ache 


I try to will you away from your computer with just my mind calling out to you in my head as I curve my ass up in the air, feeling the lace of my nightgown tickle along my crack 

“Daddy” I whisper Into the pillow rolling my hips until the subtle movement catches my clit with the pillows beneath me. “Mmm Daddy” 

I’m as quiet as a mouse whispering my need against my pillow hoping that somehow telepathically you’ll hear my need from the other room

Whatcha doin Princess? I hear your voice over my shoulder warm and luxurious like hot cocoa on a winter morning 

Reading. I tell you, rocking my hips hoping you need my need beneath my night gown 

Your fingers lift the hem of my nightgown, your knuckles grazing against my skin shooting lightning bolts of need skittering through my nervous system 

“Mmmm Daddy” 

I can’t stifle the pleasured groan when your fingers open me up and you find my magic button.  I’m squirmy trying to catch all the fireworks as they shoot off behind my eyes. 

“You have the most beautiful princess parts don’t you baby girl? Daddy couldn’t pay attention to his work knowing his precious needed attending to in the other room.”

Daddy’s fingers trace my lips following the bends of my precious until he’s tickled all the way up to my bum. 

And what about here?  His fingers open me up, his thumb tracing the wrinkly skin of my hidden hole. 

Ihave a present for you princess. Before I could ask his warm breath was on me his tongue swiping across my bashful,  setting off a riot of fireworks inside of me. 

So caught up was I in spreading as wide as I could to give daddy access to all of my princess parts that I didn’t hear the wet squelch of lube or see what daddy mean by a present. 

The cold pointed tip pushed against my entrance - it’s cold and unfamiliar shape causing me to tense. 

“Shhh princess” daddy cooed, his fingers pushed against my magic button to start the fireworks show again  “you’re going to love this” 

While daddy’s fingers danced across my button his tongue circled around the new intruder into my bashful taking its end into his mouth and pushing it further into me. 

Daddy. My breathing got all funny and my head started to swim. All of the muscles in my legs started moving without me telling hem how and soon my hips joined in pushing against all the wonderful ways Daddy was showing me the stars 

His mouth was everywhere. Licking against my magic button, squirming inside of me like a hypnotized snake, rimming the infusion I to my bashful. He was everywhere all at once and I was quickly being pulled away on a current of tickly sensation 

Daddy. It was a warning. It was a plea. It wanted more but also wanted the fall. It told Daddy he was my everything and also said how grateful I was to have him. It was my favorite word.  It meant I was safe. It meant he would always make sure I was taken care of. He always knew what I wanted and how. 

You know what I want princess. 

And I did. My les shook as my princess parts contracted and rained honey on daddy’s face. I called his name over and again I to my pillow riding the waves of the present daddy gave me 

Thank you daddy. I whispered into his chest as he lay down and pulled me into his chest. 

You’re welcome princess. Anything for my baby girl.

Holy fuck. That’s certainly started my day off in the right way (all excited) x
Excellent sexy adorable
2 hours ago, Butterfly4U said:

@AllisonWonderland I love this writing.... great way to start the day off.... very sexy and erotic

Thank you dear 😘

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