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Training Day (part 3)

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I walked in wet, with a bizarre green fluffy tail sticking out of my ass that lifted up my skirt and showed my ass to the world. I was horny as hell. The room was very large, it seemed like an entrance hall to a warehouse, with high ceilings and simple whitewashed walls. In the middle of the room was a single chair, perched on a small stage, with armrests, looking more like a throne than a chair.

Sitting on the chair was the hottest man I had ever seen. He had leather pants on, shiny, black leather boots and a black shirt, with rolled-up sleeves and a few open buttons from which luscious chest hair could be seen to curl out. He had black hair and an olive skin, large, cold, dark-brown eyes, and a full, sensuous mouth that he held in a contemptible sneer. His pants showed an enormous bulge, and he sat spread-legged, clearly not concerned with showing his giant tent of an erection. 

"Come closer, you silly slut", he said in that voice which I already loved. "Turn around. Bend over. Further, down, show me your ass. Now spread your pussy for me."

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