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Going hairless

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I feel very lucky to have met someone who is into kink and exploring. We appear very compatible this far and are getting on well, it certainly feels like it's a relationship over just play partners. She is enjoying taking the dominant role and I am enjoying being submissive to her.

She has recently told me she would like to remove all my body hair and have me regaurly caged and in panties (very much like a scene in one of my writings). I am very excited by this and feel it could be fun but I am a fairly hairy guy and I'm a little nervous about people outside or our relationship noticing and how I deal with that? I'm fairly open but dont necessarily want to broadcast what goes on behind closed doors... We both love the idea of us having our little secrets and fetishes that only we share.

Does anybody have any experience of this? It would be helpful to hear from subs or couples who have taken these steps? How did it go, and did it cause any issues outside of your relationship/dynamic?

FYI - we have already started enjoying chastity play.


I guess the first question is...

what scenarios is anyone going to notice/care that you're hairless?

and in most cases an answer of "I'm getting into grooming" should suffice.  

If this is a relationship, you will no doubt have talked about everything together. So, just as in discussions about your connections this far, when a new situation arises, you expect to be consulted about the consequences of the proposed action.

You say, “she would like to,” which appears to suggest that she’s open to finding ways to bring this to fruition. Therefore talk with her, and explore possible ways to arrive at a compromise. Your opinions are just as valid as your partner’s. I’m sure you’ve considered how you might achieve a positive result to go along with her. Under what circumstances will anyone who knows you, witness you without your normally hirsute body? If you wished to give an “excuse” to anyone who talks about your sudden lack of hair, then maybe your reason could be a medical one. What you do in your private life, has nothing to do with anyone else, as long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process.

A reason for removing your hair, if you want to feel more at ease, might be that your physician has found that you are deficient in vitamin D, which has connections with hair coverage.

Enjoy your relationship and your deep conversations with your partner.
I often go hairless from the belly down for other reasons, though I do very much enjoy the pain from waxing. I have a pelt of hair like a bear so it is an all day project.

Use hard melted wax rather than strips. The strips just can't handle thick manhair.

I imagine it could be a very sexy scene for you if she did it. Probably less so for her unless it is her kink or she is a very versatile sadist.

Wax. Don't, shave. Shaving gets you itchy bristles all too soon, and the process including your back & undercarraige will take hours per week.

Body hair sucks unless your partner likes it. You'll feel much cleaner and sexier.

Can't speak to the rest of your scenario. Not my kink, but it's OK. Have fun!
18 hours ago, Hermetic said:

Probably less so for her unless it is her kink or she is a very versatile sadist

This is something I *really* want to do. Not necessarily for the end result as much as the process. 😈😈

Thanks for your thoughts and tips all. This is something that excites me and as I said in my post, it is something that originally came from one of my fantasies. Turns out she is into it and would like to take it forward... for both of us. Though I am nervous, it's not a hard limit. This is our first real dive into a D/s relationship and I guess if I truly want to submit them maybe I need to embrace the process and go with her wants on this occasion.
It'll grow back after all!
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