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Strangers in the Park.

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As Charlotte sat on the park bench, reading her book and basking in the glorious midday sunshine, something in her peripheral vision caught her eye, making her glance up.


Lowering her book a little, she peered over the top of it towards the other side of the path and realised that the movement that had caught her eye was man emptying items from his rucksack onto the bench he was sitting on.


Dressed in stone coloured shorts and a fitted white t-shirt, he looked to be in his early fifties. Ruggedly handsome, his jawline was covered in a generous amount of greying stubble. Her eyes lingered on his muscular thighs, before travelling up to his groin, his strong jaw, perfect lips, and then his eyes, where she realised he was looking directly at her with amusement in his eyes.


Charlotte bit her lip and smiled at him, looking down shyly, then back up at him from under her eyelashes.


She felt incredibly naughty, looking at him like that. The kinds of thoughts running through her mind felt almost...illicit. She had always been told by her friends to find a nice boy her own age, but whenever she'd tried, although they'd been nice enough, they had done nothing that really excited her.


No, what really turned her on was older guys. Men who were at least twenty years her senior. They exicted her, knew what they were doing. And the gap in age she liked so much made it all feel really rather taboo. Being twenty two, if this man was the age she'd guessed, Charlotte thought he fit the bill perfectly.


He returned her smile, then directed his attention back to his rucksack, pulling out a book.


Charlotte's shoulders dropped and she pouted a little. She had enjoyed having his eyes on her, and him reading meant that wouldn't happen.


Turning back to her book, she sighed and settled herself back into the story.


As she reached a racy part of the chapter, she moaned lightly, her fingernail absentmindedly dragging across her collarbone.


Charlotte heard the handsome stranger clear his throat, and her eyes shot up, catching him watching her, shifting in his seat.


She felt the familiar sensation of her stomach doing somersaults. Charlotte had been disappointed that she'd lost his attention to his book, but it seemed that he had been watching her after all.


Smiling sweetly at the man, she went back to her book. This time though, she was unable to focus on it. The words swam in front of her eyes as lewd thoughts crowded her mind.


After a few moments of trying to read, and a few more of pretending to read, she gave up. Kicking off her sandals, Charlotte swung her legs up onto the bench. The bottom of her white cotton sundress hitched up as she did, revealing much of her long bare legs.


Reaching into her bag, Charlotte pulled out the bottle of suncream. She shook it, then opened it and squirted some into her hands. As she began to rub it onto her legs, she looked over at the stranger.


"Would you like some of my cream?" she asked with an innocent smile.


His eyes grew wider, and darted between her face and her legs, his mouth slightly open in surprise.


"Uhm, n..no. No thank you." He stammered.


After she had finished massaging the suncream in, and had returned the bottle to her bag, she went back to her book.


Scanning the page, she giggled as the characters made a joke about something rude. Her eyes glanced across the word 'bondage', and she tried harder to focus, only to find that a particularly heated scene caused her to gasp audibly, once again catching the attention of the gorgeous stranger.


Ensuring that he was still watching her, she ran her hand slowly from the back of her neck to the front, then down across her decollete, to the edge of her dress. Her fingertips teased the fabric that covered her full breasts, pulling it lower and revealing more skin.


This time, it was the handsome stranger that moaned, and Charlotte could see the bulge in his trousers growing and becoming more noticeable.


The pleasure of seeing and hearing his reaction combined with the thrill of being in such a public place sent a rush of excitement through her body, and she felt her underwear become damp with her arousal.


There were so many elements to this that excited Charlotte, making her incredibly aroused. She wanted nothing more than to climb astride this man, right where he sat, and fuck him until they both exploded, onlookers be damned.


This was not something she usually did. She felt a little guilt at knowing she shouldnt really be teasing the poor man like this, but her arousal and the thought of what she was doing to him drove her on regardless.


Glancing around subtly, Charlotte made sure nobody else was nearby. She took a deep breath and brought her feet back to the floor, but did nothing to readjust her dress to cover herself. The tops of her thighs were exposed to both the sun and his intense gaze.


Reaching down, she ran her hand over her skin again, this time along her legs. Beginning at her knee, her hand gently caressed the skin of her inner thighs, her legs gradually parting as her hand made its way upwards.


Before too long, she had reached the top, and her thighs were parted enough that he could see her hand touching her smooth, bare pussy, which was visibly wet.


She stroked her fingers through the wetness and arched her back as they grazed over her sensitive clit.


He quickly glanced around again to ensure nobody was close enough to see. He didn't want any interruptions to the show this young girl was putting on for him.


He reached down and readjusted himself as her fingers slid through her slick folds, her eyes fixed on his, her lower lip caught between her teeth.


Right now, he wanted nothing more than to bend her over that bench and fuck her until she screamed with pleasure.


Once adjusted, he watched her slip two of her fingers into her pussy and began to stroke his hard cock through his shorts.


She was as filthy as she was innocent looking, and he loved it.


Her fingers pumped slowly into her pussy, and he rubbed his cock to the same rhythm she used. Occasionally her eyes would flutter closed, only to open again, still fixed on him. As she noticed his hand stroking his cock, she smiled, her gaze now flitting between his dark eyes and his hand.


Her movements became faster, her hips bucked against her own hand, and it was clear she was close to the edge. All he could focus on was seeing the ecstasy on her face as she came, right there on the park bench.


Charlotte knew she was taking a risk. That's what pushed her over the edge as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. Her body convulsing; her pretty, innocent face a picture of ecstasy; her mouth open in an almost-silent moan.


He looked at her in awe as she recovered. He had never seen anyone do anything as brazen as she had just done. Had she somehow known that he had a fetish for public play? No, it wasn't possible, besides, it hadn't even crossed his mind when he'd first sat down on that bench.


His attention was once again brought back to this young girl when he noticed her beginning to sit upright from her slouched, post-orgasm position. She looked beautiful. Her pale skin flushed with arousal. Her lips slightly swollen from her biting.


As Charlotte recovered, she could feel his eyes on her still. Shame and embarrassment washed over her as she recalled what she had just done. She was in a public park, and this man was old enough to be her father!


And yet, she couldn't shake the feeling that she still wanted him to pin her down and fuck her, until she could cum no more.


Charlotte felt her pussy twitch again, her clit aching to be licked, sucked and bitten. She needed to leave. To go home and attempt to satisfy her need.


Quickly, she straightened her dress, slipped her feet into her sandals and stood. She turned to the bench where her bag and book sat, put the book away and threw the bag over her shoulder.


Looking over to Mr. Handsome, she gave him a seductive smile and a small wave, and then strode off in the direction of home.

My current submissive partner is 25 years younger than me…
This was a great read x
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