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Exploring pet play (fox play)


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Hi all,


I've been interested in pet play for a while, but never engaged in it. 

My partner and I are both looking to experiment with this, in particular fox play. I've been looking at some videos about fox behaviours, just to have an idea what a real fox acts like. Also, I am documenting myself on training techniques, although most videos and info I find are obviously for dogs.

The reason I want to do this is that I see pet play videos where the human pet is obviously acting as if it understand the handler, which is not very realistic. It feels to me it's be too easy and not much fun if my fox was to perfectly understand my orders. I like the aspect of training. Using both positive and negative rein***ment.  

Obviously my fox is going to have a human-level intellect (well..she is human) and I don't want her to fake not understanding me. I just want this to be genuine. So instead of telling her "sit" and she sits, I would train her to sit at my non-verbal command (or talk to her in a language she doesn't know).

After this fairly lengthy introduction, if anyone has any tips, feel free to let me know. 

I still don't know what out style of pet play is going to be. One question I ask myself a lot, without so far being able to answer myself, is whether we are going to introduce an sexual element to the play. 

I guess we'll play and see :)


I'm a wild fox in play and a brat submissive. I've often found that the best way to control the fox is more with a look and stance than a command. Foxes are very energetic and playful creatures. They understand authority but dont like to be told what to do. Toys, though, will keep them entertained, just like wolves/dogs, they are a similar branch after all. Hope this helps

I play as a fox, it's my favorite thing to do. I'm often too hyper to focus on just signal commands. It takes a mix of verbal, hand signals, and body language to get my attention sometimes. Toys and treats as well. An example is, if I'm playing on the bed and you want me in my kennel. Say, "Kennel sweetie" or something to the effect, point to my cage, and have a toy or treat to coax and reward me once I get inside. Every fox is different, so I wish you best of luck~!


Thanks for the input. 

I still don't know the character of my fox (which I expect will be different from her human counterpart).

I will react to that once I know more. From my part I want to rely as least as possible to verbal commands, and to keep them very simple - as I do when talking to non-human pet.


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