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Unable to send a message


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Whenever I write a user's name in the search function I'm met with "First you need to write a direct message over their profile"

Why am I seeing this? It didn't say that yesterday.

A few women have contacted me, they haven't written a direct message on my profile, nor do they have VIP.

What's up?

I've enjoyed this site, but if I'm unable to initiate contact without upgrading to a VIP membership then I might as well delete my account



you need to use the 'message' button on someone's profile in order to message them

if this is not present then you do not have permission to message them - perhaps hit an icebreaker limit or the user has filters you fall outside of

if you believe this to be an error - that the button is missing or deactivated and you have neither hit the icebreaker limit nor are messaging someone with filters then please raise a ticket with support using the 'help' function below


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