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This digital age !


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You twist the handle as your key enters the door lock. Trying to stop the keys jangling with the tips of your freshly painted nails as you swing the door open, you smell the lust of a man in the air. You walk slowly down the long hallway, depositing your bag, keys and coat in the cupboard. Bending down to remove your heels is a struggle in that tight pencil skirt. One foot at a time, your black heels slip over the tights, static tingling as each foot is released. 


Softly, you tiptoe towards the door. As you lean against it, you see on the sofa the man in your life and your knees collide. The gusset in between your thighs starts to tingle at what you see and you reach across your mouth, trying to keep the gasp from coming from your lips. Eyes widening, you feel your nipple harden as it brushes up against the door frame.


You start to focus! Are you seeing this?


Your man is sprawled, totally naked across the sofa but for a virtual reality headset! Your face beings to blush and you bite your upper lip. Your eyes stare at your man's grip on his member; his knuckles white, the bulbous purple head disappearing as his foreskin moves over his throbbing cock. His other hand is gripping his testicles, one leg straightens.


Murmurs come from his lips. For what seems like hours you cannot look away. You hike up your skirt. Fumbling at the buttons on your blouse you uncover your now aroused and firm nipples. The nails of your left hand claw at the top of your tights, slipping under the waist

in a rush to slip a finger between your thighs, clamped together in the wet gusset. 


You are mesmerised by that naked body not five feet away, jerking the cock you know so well. Both of your nipples are red and swollen. You pinch your right nipple and your knees almost buckle. Your fingers reach past the dampness of your folds inside your tights to reach your clitoris. The little bead of your ring rubs against your clit. That's why you had that piercing on the hood.


Your brain switches back to your man. Thoughts race through your head as you move one step at a time towards him. Your view improves. Closer! Closer! You kneel silently next to the sofa. Lips open, your tongue presses against your upper teeth in readiness, poking it out of your wide mouth.


The purple head of his cock is an inch away from your warm breath. You flick it. The sweet smell and taste of precum enters your taste buds. His penis jerks just below your chin and the hand gripping his balls shows you his pleasure is building. 


Your own hands race to lubricate the entrance to the fuckhole you’re going to cram that cock into. Two of your fingers enter your damp slit and your folds wrap around then. Seconds pass and you lower your lipstick smudged mouth over his throbbing penis. It jerks into your wet warm throat as you lower your head as far as you dare, not yet wanting to feel the gush and throb of a spunking cock.


Suddenly your man's hands stop wanking his cock and gripping his balls and start feeling around in mid-air for your breasts. With magnetic attraction, they clasp onto your blouse-covered tits. The aching sensation of having your breasts manhandled hits you; the squeeze of his hands exciting them. You start to bob down on his cock, mumbling noises as it reaches the back of your throat. 


Stop, your mind tells you. You begin to stand, but the hands on your breasts grapple to hold you still. Breaking free of them, you know exactly what you are doing. You hitch your skirt up as far as it will go, standing legs straight and slightly apart.


Your tights! You reach down to them, poke two nails into the silky material and tear a hole. The rasping sound of ripping tights clears the thoughts in your mind. You dip your mouth once onto his erect, now pulsing cock, then the testicles below. They look in agony and about to burst.


You lift your leg over the man lying there - not once has his headset been removed. Not a word has been spoken, only murmurs. You reach down between your thighs and spread the lips of your fuckhole and lower it's sticky wetness onto the purple head of the cock you want to ride. Frantically, it enters you as you drop onto its stiffness, reaching the balls that are now tight and ready to pop. Lost in this world of no speech, carnal lust takes over.


Grinding down onto the hard-on that was there on display when you got home. Your hands grab at the buttons on your blouse! Fuck it! Then, without notice, it's torn open?! From behind! WTF!


Whats going on, your head screams!

Did you shut the door? Has someone broken in? Is this a threesome without consent? Wait. What was the last thing you remember?


Pressure is released from your forehead. Your vision is confused. The hands that tore at your blouse then start to reach around your neck.

Someone is behind you! Lights hit your eyes and, as you open them, you realise. 


You were naked and alone on your bed until the hands touched you. It was you in the headset. Your day off work wasn't a total loss. The hands you feel around your neck are your lover’s. Your fantasy inside cyberspace is almost complete. You are now totally turned on and, as you lay on your bed, hands flip you over, drag you to the edge of the bed and force your legs open. There’s no need for lube - you are dripping. 


Within seconds, you feel the ecstasy of a penetrating cock, the pain of its size gaping your wet, slippery pussy, the weight of your lover’s body pushing you down into the mattress. It's all to much but not enough. You begin to wriggle. A strong hand grabs you calmly by the throat and your lover whispers into your ear, “Struggle! All I want to do is fill you with my spunk!” 


Nothing sexier then fucking your man and having someone else come in and join the fun!

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