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Be of Service (CNC)


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Daddy was on a video call.

When it ended he closed his computer with a slap.



He stomped into the kitchen, poured himself a drink and went onto the back porch.

You gave me a few minutes and then came out on the porch.






Everything OK?


Yes, no... shitty meeting


Let me kiss away all your worries as you dropped to your knees infront of me.


Stop, I said. I'm not in the mood.


What kind of man isn't in the mood to sip a drink while getting his dick sucked?

You realized what you had said.


Daddy. I'm sorry.


You could see it in my face and eyes.


I stood up in front of your.


You were still on your knees looking up at me.


Daddy I'm sorry... I didn't mean...


I grabbed you by the hair.


You tried to stand but I tugged your hair and kept you on your knees.


I finished my drink in a huge gulp and put the glass down.


I let you by the hair, on your knees, to the bedroom.


I stood you up and threw you on the bed.


You lay on the bed panting not knowing what to expect. 


I slapped your ass hard.


Over on your back.


You did


Hang your head off the bed.


I grabbed your mouth a squeezed.


I roughly tapped your cheek with my hand.

I gave it a firm slap.


I grabbed your throat and squeezed.


Please, I want to be Daddys good girl.


I gave you a firm backhand.


I'm yours.


Open your mouth.

I spit into your mouth.


It tasted heavy of bourbon 


I pulled my cock out and fucked your mouth.


I reached down,  slid my hand under your panties  and rubbed your pussy. 


I kept you on the edge while I fuck your mouth and grabbed your tits. 


You were on the edge of cumming 


I stopped.


You squirmed.


I grabbed both of your hands and put them on my ass. I fucked your mouth while your pussy  pulsed begging to be taken over the edge.


I pulled my cock out and slapped it on your face.


I stroked it and shot my load all over your pretty face, making a huge sticky mess.


Rub your pussy. 


Your hand shot down and rubbed your clothes, hard and fast.


You came right away, moaning and screaming out as you came with my cum all over your face.


Thank you Daddy


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