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The need


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Life had become stale a mere existence. The light with in her appeared to be a dull ember. 
She lay there her mind deciding quiet, where was all the noise that normally tormented her. Or the thoughts that deliciously quenched her thirst. 
Normally she welcomed the stillness of her mind but lately it had become hauntingly eerie. I place she was becoming more frightened to be, yet she seemed paralysed in ability to do anything about it. 
She called upon memories, his breath near her face, the slightest touch of his against her bare skin. She imagined him declaring she was his. Being stood in front of him being requested to strip. Stood naked and vulnerable whilst he assessed his procession . Her body trembling, her heart pumping within the cavity of her chest. The ignition of the warm drug rushing through her veins. Her mound pulsing deep inside. 
His hand around her throat . Suddenly she reached for the wand slowly gently teasing her clit. She hand not felt the need or want for as long as she could remember. Her mind still still , she rubbed her clit harder longing to feel something. She turned it up she was practically fucking the wand. Desperate for some kind of release from this hell. She proceeded trying harder , telling herself to take it like a bitch just give in to the power of her needs . She really hand to work at it grinding her hips forcing the hood back on her clit. Pressing her swollen clit against the deep strong unforgiving vibration. Her body being caressed by beads of sweat , her head feeling like it was going to explode longing for that deep buzzy feeling in her clit to release. Then suddenly without warning she felt everything … she moshed out loud as her juices released in a torrent of gushing sweet nectar that buzzy feeling she had been searching for throbbing wildly in her clit. Sweat now owned her whole body her breathing heavy and laboured. She suddenly needed air, she got up opened all the windows needing to feel everything she could. Alas the calm coolness of the night was not enough. The fire ignited inside her . She needed to feel the wind against her face and in her hair. 
Never had she been so glad to hear the chatter in her mind the business of the thoughts whizzing around. The pure deepest desires arising inside her.

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