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The Bike Rally

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I decided it was about time to take you to a bike rally, knowing your love for festivals I'm fairly sure you will enjoy this too, especially with what I have in mind!

I pick you up early, I've got all the camping stuff sorted and some bike gear for you to wear. You come out the house to greet me, bouncing with excitement, like a giddy child, making me smile.

While you're getting the bike gear on, I turn to watch, throwing your hair back as you slide the helmet on, jacket following your curves perfectly and tight jeans hugging your bum just right.
I put on my own helmet and straddle the bike, climbing on behind me, tucking your arms around my waist and we head off, enjoying the closeness of each other as we glide along.

We arrive on site, find a good pitch, unpack the bike and then set up the tent.
Once inside, I sit on the airbed facing you standing in the porch.
'I would like you to strip for me' I ask. You flash that great smile of yours and say 'of course!'

Starting off by swaying your hips, looking me right in the eyes as you do, hands roaming your body teasingly before, one by one, undoing the buttons on your shirt until the edges of your white bra and ample cleavage can be seen, pushing them out towards me.
Next; you pop the button on your jeans and slowly ease down the zipper, I catch a flash of your white knickers before you turn around, giving your pert bum a little slap before sexily shimmying out of your jeans, leaving you in just a shirt and underwear.
With your back to me you undo the rest of the buttons and let the shirt fall from your shoulders, watching me as you do.

Reaching back to unclasp your bra, dancing as you do, always giving the best angles of your body, and covering the parts you're not as fond of, giving brief teasing flashes as you do. Finally, you hook your thumbs into the edges of the full bum white pants, bending from the waist, pull them down your sexy long legs, pushing out your bum giving me a great view.
'Ta Dah' you say with a flourish, standing straight and lifting your arms up in the air with a laugh that sends a smile across my face as I applaud you.

'Ok, now I want you to turn and face me'
You do so, a little insecure, placing an arm across your body, but still with a smile.
'Arms behind you' I say
You do as you're told, and I smile at you in approval.
'Now, with your knees together, I want you to squat'
Again, you do as you're told, aiming to please.
'Open your legs for me'
You do so, slowly drawing your knees apart, causing your pussy to open up in front of me as you do, I savour the sight and store it in my mind.
'Now crawl over to me'
Giving direct eye contact the whole way, you slowly and purposely, limb by limb, come over to me until you are right in front. I kiss you.
'Close your eyes, kneel in front of me, and lift up your head'
Without knowing what will come next, you willingly obey.

'Open your eyes' I say, and you do, looking right back. I have a stainless steel necklace in my hands, weighty but delicate, with a ring at the centre.
'This collar makes you mine, to do with as I please, in whatever way I see fit, but also that I will protect and nurture you, while you are wearing it. Do you accept?'
With bright, shining eyes, 'I accept' you say.
I tenderly place it around your neck, the steel cold against your skin, the weight of it serving as a reminder of your commitment to our dynamic.

I take your hands and draw you onto the bed with me, kissing and fondling each other passionately. My clothes disappear far faster and much less seductively than yours did!
I enter you quickly, all the way to the hilt in one motion, holding you close to me and staying there for a few moments, before I start to fuck you. There is no build up or teasing, we fuck hard and fast, kissing, raking our hands over each other in primal lust until I feel the surge coming over me, I hold your hair tight in my hand as it overpowers me, and I explode deep inside of you, feeling my seed paint your womb. We collapse, breathless, in each other's arms, faces buried in our necks, as we ride the waves of satisfaction that follow.

It's time to see what this rally is all about, and what mischief we can get up to...

I've laid out an outfit I want you to wear; a red thong and matching bra, just slightly too small so your beautiful tits are on the verge of spilling out, a green rockabilly style dress that is low cut at the front and finishes just a couple of inches below your gorgeous bum. An under bust corset to wear over the top, pulling in to showcase your natural curves.
I dress in dark blue jeans with a button fly, brown leather belt the same colour as my boots, a crisp white collarless shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, and a dark blue waistcoat over the top.
We both look, and feel, great, enjoying the sideways, approving, glances that other people give as we walk down to the main arena.

We spend an enjoyable afternoon walking around, looking at stalls, enjoying a few drinks, watching and dancing to the bands.
Throughout the day we're both keeping the horny feelings simmering, stealing kisses, playfully lifting your skirt to flash your bum, you'll 'accidently' brush against my cock, or just plain grabbing it, I'll whisper things in your ear like 'my good little slut', or a low growl, loving the effects we're having on each other.

At one point we're sat on the grass, your knees are up and I can clearly see the bright red crotch of your knickers up your dress.
'Come and sit next to me' I ask, and you do.
I tell you what I saw and you ask 'Why didn't I stay and enjoy the view?'
'So that others can enjoy it' is my reply, your eyes widen a touch, a mischievous grin on your face. We spend a while sat there chatting while you're 'accidently' flashing your knickers and making comments on the people who notice, one guy in particular walks past several times, thinking he was being subtle! I see him headed our way again and I whisper to you to pull them to one side and open your legs a little wider. You do it and the guy's eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees. We both laugh as he, distractedly, bumps into a group of people!

Later in the evening, while watching a band, you feel my fingers on the back of your bare thigh, stroking my way up until I'm cupping your bum.
We're surrounded by other people as I move my hand around until it rests between your cheeks, my middle finger pressing in, teasing you.
You open your legs a little wider and rock your hips back, allowing me better access. I reach further in, my three middle fingers cupping your crotch, squeezing and stroking, feeling how your thong is parting your lips and getting damp. I'm kissing your neck at the same time, telling you how good you feel, how slutty you are letting me do this in front of everyone, and how much of a beautiful whore you are getting so turned on by it.
This has the desired effect, as I feel an extra little flood against my fingers, the added wetness allowing my middle finger to slip under your knickers and inside of you, releasing a hungry gasp from your mouth.

I'm looking around the marquee as I slowly finger fuck you, telling you that people are noticing, turning you on even more, your juices now escaping your knickers and creeping down your thighs, I add my ring finger to your soaked hole, moving faster and harder than before. Your hand comes round to find my cock, already rock hard, and you squeeze and rub me through my jeans as I continue to probe you further.
I tell you about a group of people near the side, two couples and two guys, who all seem to know what is going on, chatting and giggling with each other, trying not to be too obvious but definitely watching.

I withdraw my fingers and bring them up to your lips, smearing your fluid across them and making you taste yourself, then using the same wet hand, I turn your face to meet my kiss, so I get to taste you too. My fingers enter you again, sliding in easily now, my left hand moves and rests on your neck, holding firmly, tilting your head back slightly so you can see the group better.
They're definitely watching now, we see a mix in them, part shock, part awkward embarrassment and part excitement.
Squeezing a little harder on your neck, and fucking you harder with my fingers, I whisper 'My dirty little slut. Look at you. Getting off like this. No shame. Everyone can see.
As I say all this, the simmering excitement of the day boils over, your legs buckle a little, I take your weight on my body, your pussy grips onto my fingers, and you literally cum in my hand.

I turn you around and hook my finger into the ring on your collar, leading you outside to a place I spotted earlier.
At the back of the marquee, some sound stage boxes have been stored, the perfect height and size to bend you over.

Turning you round to face me I take your chin in my hands, firmly but tenderly.
'Did I say you could come?'
You shake your head.
'Did I say you could come' I ask again
'No. I'm sorry' you say
'I'll show you how sorry you should be.
I'm going to bend you over this box, I'm going to tie you down, and I'm going to spank you, where anyone can see. Do you understand me. Is that clear?'

I bend you over the box, taking one hand at a time I tie your wrists to the guide ropes of the marquee, checking they are secure but allow some movement. I reach into your top and roughly pull out both of your tits, leaving them hanging on display. I then go behind you, I take your dress and throw it over your back, I grab your sodden knickers in one hand and wrench them down, pulling one leg free, leaving them hanging from your ankle.
Then, using my feet, I spread your legs apart.
I face you, stroking your face in my hand
'Now anyone can see what a dirty little slut you really are' I say, before gently placing a kiss on your soft lips.

I start with firm pats, up and down your legs, over your bum and thighs, warming your muscles for what is coming, increasing the intensity until you have a soft pinkness over your thighs and ass. Now you're primed.
I slap harder, alternating between cheeks, hips and thighs, cupping your bum on the upstrokes causing them to part, momentarily parting your lips.
I mix slapping with my palm heel for deep sensations, fingertips for sharp pains, cupped hand, or splayed fingers, so you never know what or where the next strike will be. Alongside this I am occasionally, and randomly, running my fingers over your swollen clit, or plunging them into your dripping pussy.
You always enjoy a good spanking, but here, so exposed and publicly, adds an extra level to the feelings running through your mind and body.
I start hitting harder now, directly on the fleshy part of your bum, each strike rocking you forward, causing your tits to swing and sway. One after another, again and again, making you count them out as I do, each one causing a gasp or moan.
When we get to ten, I stop, dipping my hand between your legs I take your wetness and spread it over your glowing cheeks, soothing some of the heat.
I come to face you again 'open your mouth' I say, then place my fingers inside, making you suck your mess from them. 'Look' and my eyes direct you to the side. The same crowd who were watching before had gathered while I was spanking you, taking in the whole show.

'Do you want to show these people how much of a dirty little fucktoy you really are?' I ask. I use my eyes to ask if you want to include these people. The hunger burns in your own eyes as you nod.
'Tell me' I say 'Tell me what you are'
'I'm a bad slut' you say
'I'm a dirty fucking Whore' you shout
'Good Girl' I say, stroking your cheek.

'Who wants a turn next?' I ask the group.
There's a hesitation as they look at one another, then one of the girls is pushed forwards with some laughter. I encourage her over, placing her at your rear and watching as she tentatively pats your bum 'A little harder' I direct 'not too much in the same place' she smiles and nods, then proceeds on her own, spanking with more confidence, following the example she just witnessed.

While she's working on your ass I come back to you, enjoying the mix of pleasure and pain on your face. I hold your hand 'three squeezes to stop, two to slow down?' I whisper, you smile and nod.
I unbutton my jeans and draw out my rigid prick, giving it to you to suck on as the girl is really getting into it, muffling your moans.

The rest of them have gathered closer now for a better view. One of the guys looks at your swinging tits, I give him a nod allowing him to feel them, taking one in his hand and kneading it. The second couple are holding each other close, enthralled by what is playing out, the other guy is rubbing himself through his pants, while the man who's partner is spanking you is groping her as she does.
'Put your fingers in' he says to her, she looks to me and I approve, you feel two small fingers part your lips, stroking up and down your slick slit, rubbing your clit with a knowing, female's, touch, and finally sliding her fingers into your hot, willing, pussy.
Her partner, deciding there's nothing to lose now, pulls down her pants and starts to fuck her as she pumps in and out of you. You feel his thrusts through her hands, one on your back, the other inside you.

The other single guy has bent down and started sucking on your tit as he's tugging himself, and the couple who are just watching have come round to the front.
'Show these people what a good cock sucker you are' I say, and release your hands from their bindings so you can use your hand as well as your mouth on me. Because of the challenge I set, you set off with full enthusiasm, worshipping my dick expertly, stroking, sucking, licking for all your worth.
You feel your free hand moved to grip another cock so you stroke that one too, I guide him round so we're both in front of you, taking turns wanking and sucking us both.

Following your lead, the girl in front has now got on her knees and is sucking hard on her man's dick, her other hand under her skirt, we can hear her working away at her own wet snatch.
The second guy asks if he can fuck you. I look at you for confirmation. 'Please can I?' you beg me, 'Ok baby, I'll allow it'
'Suit up' I say as I throw him a condom. His eyes light up and he rushes to sheath his cock before plunging straight inside. He is quite girthy and you enjoy feeling him open you up wider as he slams hard in to you, gripping your hips tightly, as he fucks for all he's worth, his hips crashing into your tender ass cheeks. hearing his breath getting laboured, I can tell he's getting close.

Feeling myself close too I pull away from you, clear everyone from around you and take your hand, guiding you to sit on the floor, back against the box. 'Fill your own pussy' I command, you nod and work your hand fully into your stretched out cunt, rubbing your clit with the other, building speed as you do until your fist is easily sliding in and out. I stand in front of you and wank myself, the others following my lead do the same, even the girls are rubbing and fingering themselves. I'm near the edge now, 'Don't you dare come Baby, not yet, keep going' I say as I pass the point, my cum spraying out in sticky arcs, painting your fast moving hands so you are rubbing my come into yourself. The others start to cum too, one after another, covering your tits and face with hot ropes, the girls come last, moaning and shaking from getting there stood up.
Finally I say 'It's your turn now baby, come for me, come for us all!' with a final push you cry out, fist breaking free with an audible pop followed by a huge gush as you squirt hard again and again, moaning out and quivering. 'That's it, that's my Good Girl, well done' I coo.

I wipe up the worst of the mess, then help you to your feet, covering you up.
An arm around your waist, I lead you back through the site, stopping to get food and water, then back to our tent.
I carefully undress you, wrap you in a blanket and start cleaning you up with baby wipes, before I lay you on the bed, take out some cream to soothe your still stinging bum.

'I want you to kneel again for me' even though you're tired and spent, you do as I ask.
I kneel behind you, my thighs holding yours, using a hairbrush, I start to gently ease the knots and tangles from your hair, as I do so I tell you how proud I am of you, thanking you for being my very good girl, and how happy I am having you by my side. I lie down in bed, drawing you down next to me, your naked form curled into me with your head on my chest, I plant a kiss on your forehead and stroke your hair until you fall into a deep, sated, sleep.
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