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"Oh Sir, i have something for you."

Crossing the cozy, boho-themed bedroom, i pluck the purple envelope from my toy bag. i walk back to the small couch where Sir is seated. i hope i'm not blushing too much as i present it to him.

Sir looks amused as he opens the envelope and removes the three sheets of unlined white paper.

"Dear Sir," he begins to read aloud.

"Presented for your entertainment, imagination and consideration..."

"Some things that i would like to do or try with you..."

"Thank you for an amazing month,"

"With hopes for many more to come."

Then, turning the page, he continues to read.

"The Big List, Version 1, Page 1"

What follows is a lovingly handwritten two-page list of all kinds of wonderful, strange, and sexy Kink-activities. i'd taken my time to curate and write the list, making sure to include some things he'd mentioned, and even getting some ideas from some friends of mine in a BDSM chatroom. It had been so fun to compile, but i did not forsee sitting a mere two feet away from Sir as he read it aloud.

Sitting back and adjusting his glasses, Sir's smile grows as he begins to read the list.

"Wax...Chain Bondage...Spreader Bars...Collar and Leash Play..."

As he pauses to take a breath i make my plea. "Sir, you don't have to read it all out loud."

If he hears me, he doesn't show it.

"To spend time in a cage...Gags...Clothespins..."

He's only halfway through the first page when he reaches over and takes my hand, placing it on his crotch. Through his jeans, i can feel that he is rock hard.

He looks into my eyes, smiling wide. "See what you do to me?"

i can certainly feel it and very quickly i can see it too, as Sir unzips and pulls down his pants. This time, it's me who is smiling big. i slip down from the couch and approach him on all fours, taking his cock into my mouth.

He resumes reading:

"Rubber bands...uhhh...To wash/bathe you...oooohhhh!...Rope bondage...Pussy Spanking/Slapping...UHHH..."

Hearing my written words spoken aloud by him, now punctuated by guttural moans, is incredibly hot. All these dirty, beautiful, intimate things seem hang in the air as i continue to suck his cock.

i don't know how he does it but he makes it to the end of page two. The last one is funny and he can't help but laugh:

"To have sex in the hot tub---not forgetting the lube this time---then afterwards collapse back into the water and sip a glass of wine."



The next 45 minutes are a blur. There is his voice. His bed. The immense pleasure of our bodies joining together. There is pain, too, and joy.


There will be more, much more, as the night, the weeks, and the months wear on...

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