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The lies we tell


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“Trust me”, she says.


“I can’t, you lied.”


“I didn’t lie, I told the truth.”


“You lied before you told the truth.” 


“I didn’t lie, you didn’t ask.”


“I shouldn’t have to ask for proof.”


“No. shouldn’t have to ask for proof.”


“You didn’t have to ask for proof.”


“I did. You knew it the moment you changed. You knew I’d put my guard up again.”


“I didn’t change.”


“You did and you knew. You knew because I told you.”


“I didn’t understand what you meant by that.”


“Then you should have asked, but instead you forced my hand.”


“You shouldn’t have tried to catch me out.” 


“I didn’t. I tried to prove myself right. But I was wrong, I see that now.”


“Too late, you lied. I can’t trust you.”


“I know. And all because you made me not trust in you (Sir).” 




Trust is a fragile thing and having it broken can be a huge blow. Interesting post, thanks for sharing
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