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Something Is Missing: Part 1

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As owner of the intellectual property of the content contained within this story, I politely request that my work not be stolen or plagiarised without my expressed permission. I thank you and I hope you enjoy.




Snap! The whip struck and drew a blush to her skin. She hummed, keeping her lips tightly sealed in an attempt to endure the sting. Snap! On the exact same spot, the tiny leather flap struck her skin. Mist filled the air and floated towards her, collecting in small dew drops on her shoulder. Snap! The whip made contact with the droplets and she hummed louder. The whip then contacted her upper arm, her left breast, and her cleavage. She moaned through her nose to disperse the sharp sensations. He sprayed mist onto her cleavage and struck again. Snap! She whimpered, her skin blushing bright red. He continued towards her stomach. She was such a beautiful specimen, obediently focusing on the floor, not daring to make eye contact with him. Snap! Snap! Snap! He took his time, ensuring her body was polka-dotted with red spots of stinging ***.


She wore a pale pink bikini, the straps thin on her stunningly curved body, and her breasts bulged in her bikini bra that was at least one size too small. Her hair hung across her face, dark brown and damp from the water vapour that veered of course.


She was sat on the floor, wrists cuffed to her ankles with her shins rubbing into the thick fibers of the carpet. Her back was arched, chest pushed forward in an attempt to please him and maybe, just maybe, lessen his disappointment in her. She knew that he was strict, but he was also fair, and he knew that she did not intend to upset him. She was grateful to be his, and she would do whatever it took, endure whatever he deemed necessary; to make him happy.


He used the rigid stem of the whip to strike her right breast once more, then used the leather tip to lift her chin. Her thighs, as well as the front of her barely-covered body, were now decorated with stinging pleasure. The leather then parted her fringe while tilting her head back, and she locked eyes with him. Her lips trembled, the beginning of *** running through her now that she could see his gaze. The whipping hurt, yes, but ultimately she enjoyed it. It was his expression that made her sad. She did not like it when he was disappointed with her. He put the spray bottle down, placed the leather tip on her forehead and she closed her eyes.


“Do you know why I am punishing you?”

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