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A Deal is a Deal - Part 2


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"I have a nice surprise for you, but first, remind me of the deal."

I think back, not needing to in reality, I know exactly what the deal was.
We swam together without knowing each other for a couple of weeks.
Then we noticed each other and started talking about the usual mundane crap you talk to people about. Then as time goes by the weeks turn into months and the conversations turn from mundane crap to desires, thoughts, wants needs. Well it did for me and I think he gave some of himself up to me. It was then I made the most daring comment in my life and the most bizarre. The deal.
"If you had a wank in the cubicle and showed me a picture of it, I would do whatever you asked." I could have continued on and said it was a joke, or, I didn't think he would do it. But I wasn't going to. I wanted to be this free, this alive.
"Well, I want you to wear these, whilst you are swimming with me tonight."
"But what, you thought just coming here and swimming was the request? Surely, you know me better than that. Why would I demand something that we do every night anyway?"
I watch as he pulls out 2 objects from the rucksack. I almost yelp as I see them. One I know for sure is a dildo, but, has some weird elastic around it. The other... not so sure, but considering, I know where the dildo goes, I doubt he is going to get the other one in my mouth.
Dread and panic ensue. I have never had anything down there. My ass, tightens involuntarily. Nothing will go down there.
"Stand here, away from the bench." he demands.
He kneels down between my legs, and spreads them gently apart with his fingers. His mouth starts to gently kiss my thighs. Leading me on. I feel my crotch almost instantly come alive. The embers once dead, relit. The sheer wickedness of what he is doing, what I am doing, excites me more than the kisses. The kisses are just the match, my body, his energy, the fuel. He kisses me again, gentle kisses, dotting along my thighs, closer to my pussy. He places a couple of fingers on my opening and gently spreads my lips with them. His tongue parting them further, providing the gentle lubrication to prevent it from rubbing too hard against me. His tongue probing my open sex. The flat of his tongue patiently stroking the length of my pussy. As he crosses over my clit I feel a surge of more. I open my legs a little wider, wanting him to get on with it, to enter me with it.

He does now, but not with his tongue. His fingers gently slide inside me, a little at a time. I feel his fingers leave me and then re-enter, slightly colder, but, oh my goodness, the heat from his tongue is just fueling my fires. My breathing becomes more deep as his stroking becomes more intense. I go down and grab his head. Instantly he stops. I remove my hands, immediately. I start to speak, "I'm sooo..."...rry didn't finish, as he interrupts, "Quiet." I shudder with trepidation, not fear, I do not fear his touch, just, what he may not do for me, to me because of what I did with my hands.
"It's ok." he whispers, "never again though."
I stand there admonished, but, happy. Happy we can continue. I feel filled again, as his fingers slide inside me. His rough finger tips stroking my ridged inside. My g-spot being massaged whilst his lips suck, and his tongue licks small circles around my clit. The attention to my pussy starting to get the better of me, and I start to breathe quicker. My breaths getting shallower but quicker as my body starts to rise up to the crest of the impending release. My heart quickens my eyes close. The centuries old reflexes to this event engrained within. My mouth opens and lets out a moan as I tilt my head back, stretching...
"Not yet", he demands, and as he says it, the rising wave crashes back down to earth. I feel lost and empty, I want it , but, cannot find it. It's lost out there, somewhere, and it's as if only he can bring it back to me. I look at him, pleading in my eyes. I know it won't do any good. But I try anyway, just in case it works.
He dips his head down and again starts to suck on me, and finger me. I let out a moan and he puts a finger to my mouth, across my lips. I smell myself on him, and, damn I smell good, but, I get the message. Be quiet.
As he starts to suck on me again, I feel his fingers remove themselves from me. Replaced with his tongue. He puts the palm of his hand on my ass, pulling me closer to him, my ass cheeks spreading a little as he does so. It's then as he flicks my clit with his tongue sending a shiver through me, that he inserts two fingers inside me. Somehow breaking past my tight sphincter without any problem, it's then that I realise his fingers had all the lube they needed from my now wet and very wanting pussy. It's also then, that I feel something else enter my pussy. Something hard and unforgiving. I try to look down, but he leaves his finger on my lips, pushing my head back. I panic a little, but, when he starts to play with my pussy with this new thing it just helps to excite me more and it doesn't take long with his tongue on my lips and clit and this other thing inside me, for me to get aroused again. Again, I start to feel it rise, I am almost wary of letting it rise this time, knowing that he may stop again. I don't want to lose it this time, please no. Unless that's what he wants. Please don't want it I silently beg him, as those passions start to fill me again. The warmth in my pussy, the shivers in my spine melding to form this immense feeling. 
I feel the thing inside me grow slightly as it enters me. Filling me more. His mouth still warm over me, teasing circles around my sensitive nub. I can feel the wave rising inside me, more powerful this time. The build up is more intense than before. My breathing is changing again, slow long breaths, trying to control it, trying to keep it with me. I want to ride this one out, keep it going as long as possible. I relax against the cubicle side, my legs wide apart. I just grab the side of the cubicle with my hands to steady myself as I let myself fall in time with his movements inside and on me. 
I feel the thing leave my pussy but his tongue quickly darts inside and start to delve inside of me. Sucking and licking out my wetness. I feel his tongue leave me again and then suck on my clit. He bites down on it gently but still firm enough for me to yelp in surprise and at the same time, I feel his fingers leave my asshole and something else replace them. Something bigger. I feel stretched and in pain,but he just pushes it slowly inside of me. The feeling of it filling me increases and I start to wince at the pain. He starts to suck on my clit again and pleasure my pussy a little. My brain confused, do I want this pleasure or the pain or what....
I know I should be trying to relax my ass, he warned me to. I should do. I need to, to survive. It's going to split me in two otherwise. Just as I think I cannot take any more, my body suddenly sucks the rest of it in. I let out a sigh of relief as my asshole contracts around this foreign object. Only a small disc saving it from going all the way in. 
Over the next couple of moments, I feel his tongue exciting my nub, sporadically delving inside of me, sucking on my pussy trying to lick the juices from out of me. My mind goes into accelerated mode as I feel the thing inside my arse stretching me, the pain increasing as does my sensitivity. I want it, more than ever, I need it now, for fuck's sake. All I feel though is his tongue licking my pussy and teasing my clit with those circles, please, just finish me off. I try to look down at him to plead, but I catch myself in time and just leave him to it. I feel another object starting to penetrate me. This time he slowly inserts it, until, he stops. I hope that's it since I am feeling very full down there now. Everything feels full and soo super sensitive now. OMG, very sensitive. I feel like the slightest touch will set me off now. I don't know if it is because of those two crests and downs, or just this. But whatever it is, omg, please... release me.
I feel him stop feasting on me. He steps up and towers over me. His mouth forms a wide smile as he sees the look of pain, anguish and frustration in my face.
"Now you can get your costume on." he demands.
I start to appeal to his sense of...well..bloody humanity, how the hell can I swim with these inside me, I bet I can hardly walk, but again my brain kicks off a safety warning to my mouth, and I say nothing. I just stand there wondering. Is this what I really want? This control over my body. This frustration, this anger, this pain, this feeling of....being wanted by this .. this man?
I almost laugh at myself. Of course it is, no regrets. I made the deal, I will follow it through, to the end.

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