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Etched like a carving with a thousand lines

Each crease, was a moment captured in time


We saw their frail eyes that had witnessed the past

Like a blink, their life went by so very fast


They saw the world before them unfold

Their story was one to truly behold


They shed many a tear over the years

Through love, through triumph and through fear


Their life will be forever interlaced with ours

As we mourn their passing with each hour


They now look down, from heaven above

They shower us with rainbows of their love


We will miss them more than words can say

But we still love them so, to this very day


We will always remember them in our hearts

Like an arrow thrown, they hit their mark


Our life will never be quite the same

But one day we will see them again and reignite our flame......


That is very beautiful our Pixie Much love 
Wow. That hits the spot, well done Pixie, x
Beautiful Pixie you have such a great gift.
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