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Tapp Out (trigger warning)


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Daddy was in a mood. Baby was wearing a black tank top that said HAPPY across the front, with short khaki skirt. She walked past him several times as he worked on his laptop at the kitchen table.

As she passed again, Daddy grabbed her and bent her over the kitchen table. She went to speak, but Daddy covered her mouth.

Daddy hiked up her skirt, mover her panties to the side, and slid his thumb in her pussy.  Baby moaned out. She moaned more as he worked his fingers on her clit.  Thumb inside her. Fingers on her clutch.

Baby exploded on Daddys hand.

She screamed out. DADDY.

Daddy kept working her pussy and clit.

Baby kept coming. Daddy kept working her.

She couldn't tell where one orgasm ended and the other began.

She screamed and creamed. 

Baby tried to move but Daddy held her firmly.

Please Daddy. Stop.

Daddy worked her harder. She kept cumming. 

Daddy's belt was around her neck somehow.  She was dizzy from cumming.  

Daddy rolled her onto her back, and slid his cock in her soaked pussy.

Her legs pinned on his shoulders and her back on the table.

Daddy pumped Baby deep and hard. Making her feel every inch of him.

He pinched her clutch

Grabbed her tips

Tugged on his belt to choke her.

Baby couldn't stop coming. Baby couldn't think straight. The intensity was too much. He found her spot and just kept pounding it.

She just kept screaming and creaming. She couldn't muster words.

Daddy stop. Daddy.


He kept working her deeper and harder.  Faster and faster. Her tits bouncing as he pumped her. Tugging on her nipples.

I can't Daddy. Please. No more.

Daddy slapped her.

Her eyes widened.  She was totally lucid.

She dug her nails into Daddys chest as she came again. 

Staring Daddy in the eyes.

Daddy please, no more.

Say it.

Daddy, I'm cumming again. I can't take it.

Say it.

Hou..... she moaned.

Fucking say it.


Baby said the safe word and tapped out.

Daddy pulled his pussy-juice soak cock out of her pussy.

He stroked his cock in front of her face and shot his hot sticky load on her face and tits.

Baby smiled and said, thank you Daddy



Oh I can’t wait to challenge mine when I find him to make me tap out 🥵🥵
Shit.. I came from just reading that!
But you’d have a HELL of a time getting me to tap out.
Maybe Baby needs more training…
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