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Tapp Out Reward


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Baby thought Daddy couldnt.make her Tapp out. Baby thought she loved Daddy so much that she could take whatever he gave her.

She was wrong. She tapped out to Daddy on the kitchen table in the middle of the day.

Baby and Daddy had a deal. If Baby tapped out, Daddy would fuck another woman in front of Baby.

Deal is a deal.

Daddy and Baby agreed on Maria. Busty and Curvy Latina friend of Baby's.

Baby was in a chair in the corner of the bedroom.

Daddy laid on the bed while Maria sucked on him.

Baby watched as Maria's mouth went up and down on Daddys dick.  Baby rubbed her pussy and squirmed. 

Daddy hung Maria's head off the edge of the bed right infront of Baby. Daddy squeezed Maria's huge tips while he throat fuckrd her.

Baby squirmed more and rubbed her pussy. Daddy said she wasn't allowed to cut.

Daddy reached out for Baby and took her by the hand.  Get naked on the bed.

Daddy positioned Maria on all 4s with her face in Baby's pushy.

Maria licked Baby's pushy while Daddy fucked Maria from behind.

Baby came quickly and hard. Maria kept going as Daddy fucked her. 

Maria came on Daddys cock, but Daddy didn't slow down. 

Daddy fucked Maria while Maria sucked on Baby's clit and Baby squirted all over Maria's face.

Daddy rolled Maria over on her back and knelt next to her face. Baby jerked Daddys cock and shot his load all over Maria's face while Baby kissed Daddy.

Maria's face was covered in Baby's squirt and Daddy juice.

Baby leaned over and sucked out the rest of Daddys cum



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